Wing Off: Armstrong A Wing vs Wing Ride Model III vs Slingshot Slingwing V2

With all the different Wingy Thingy's coming to market, we thought it would be nice to test three new wings back to back in the same conditions to get a true feel for the differences. Check out the video below to see what we discovered.

Testing Conditions: SW 10-17mph Average 15mph

Board and Foil: Armstrong 5’5 80L SUP and Armstrong HS 1550

Wings Tested: Armstrong A Wing 4.5m, Wing Ride Model III 5m, Slingwing V2 5.4m


Armstrong A Wing Highlights:

-Most power per size. The smallest wing tested and still had the same performance as the other larger wings.

-Small windows that are in the right place give you visibility for riding in a crowd. The material is thin and super durable too.

-The handle placement and comfort is spot on. The handles are soft where you need to squeeze them but really rigid at the base so when you pump, the power translates to the wing.

-Lowest pressure inflation with the least flex in the frame. The larger tubes through the entire section and heavy duty kevlar reinforcements keep this wing rock solid in all conditions.


Wing Ride Model III Highlights:

-Tensioned canopy translates to forward motion. Sheet in and go on foil.

-The big sized wings go when others are still slogging around.

-Great performance feel to this wing.  Rides fast and goes big when you send it.

-The long handle allows you to slide your hand forward and backwards without taking your hand off the handle.

Slingshot Slingwing V2 Highlights:

-Balanced and stable when you luff this wing.

-Lots of handle options.

-Flex in this wing makes it have a soft and easy ride.

-Extra bumpers on the wing tips for land riding.


Check out the full product reviews here:

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