Armstrong Midlength FG Foilboard

by Armstrong • SKU ARM24ML45
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All Dimensions

45L 55L 65L 75L 85L
Length 155cm / 5'1" 165cm / 5'5" 175cm / 5'9" 185cm / 6'1" 195cm / 6'5"
Width 43cm / 17" 45.7cm / 18" 48.3cm / 19" 50.8cm / 20" 52.7cm / 20¾"
Thickness 9.5cm / 3¾" 10.5cm / 4⅛" 11.4cm / 4½" 11.7cm / 4⅝" 12.4cm / 4⅞"


The Midlength is more than a board, it's an approach:

It's the unconventional idea that in a world hellbent on giving you so many choices that you can hardly pick what to take out for a session, doing more with less is an inspiring alternative.

True to its surf-inspired name, the new Midlength board range truly redefines when and how you can go foiling. It's the ace up your sleeve, the session saver, hell, it's a fast-paddling, rippable flight time booster that's your new superpower. It gives you the freedom to define how you ride. The choice is yours.


A uniquely happy medium.

Slotting in between our Prone, Wing and Downwind boards, the Midlength is a session saver on small or light days with excellent paddle power and an easy release to get you up on foil. That speed and efficiency work equally well to boost your confidence when hunting down bigger surf; the Midlength paddles like a rhino chaser that transforms into your shortboard once in flight. Forget choosing the perfect board, just get on the water and let the board melt away as you take in everything else.

A goldilocks ratio of dimensions and volume makes for optimum glide, stability and maneuverability so you don't need to be a pro to up your time on foil.


Outline: A pointed but not overly sharp nose, gently tapering midsection and pulled in tail make for an efficient glider for prone paddling into either small or large surf. That glide translates remarkably well when winging, too - the Midlength is an amazing light wind machine that rockets off the water with nearly the ease of a Downwind board.

Rocker and rails: Progressive rocker from the nose to the foil tracks keeps things lively in the pocket and makes touchdown recovery easier, and tail kick out the back makes for easy pumping and a clean release on launch. Soft rails up front progress into harder lines out the back for efficient flow and balanced on-water tracking and responsiveness.

Bottom: Pulling from the Downwind boards, a subtle double concave at the nose works its way flat at the foil tracks and finally into the diamond-V tail shape for a quick pop up and maximum un-stickiness when touching down. If a board ever wanted to stay in the air, this would be it.

More Grip.
More Control.
More Soul.

Redefine your footwork.

Like the deck grip on Armstrong's Wing FG and DW foilboards, the Midlength’s deck grip is tailored specifically to provide you with maximum control and comfort to enable your style across different foil sports. In conjunction with the Midlength’s flat deck, the grip features raised central arch bars above the foil tracks and elevated wedges in the rear of the pad for intuitive and unrestricted foot placement when soul carving across a wave face or getting creative with your foot placement when winging.

Forward Geometry

Limitless options to fasttrack your progression.

Emphasising modularity within board design, Armstrong introduced a major innovation to wing boards in 2021 with the Forward Geometry concept. Designed to work with any brand of foil, the FG design increases responsiveness by placing the foil more centrally and reducing swing weight in turns. The ML board range carries on that design legacy with FG foil tracks that are strategically placed well forward for maximum manoeuvrability and a hyper connected feel on foil, delivering high performance to riders on all the board sizes.

All Features

Board FeaturesO'Neill Wetsuits

Package Includes:
  • Board
  • Bag

Track mounting hardware sold separately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Full Circle Design!

My testing notes after one great wing session:

At 85% of my weight in KGs, the 55L ML went awesome on a test run yesterday for my 65kgs. For me sits between my 40L FG and 85L DW board. It will replace my V1 60L as a river swell chaser, single travel board, small wave prone board.

Stinkbug starts were super easy in the waist high+ tide driven swell (narrow width easy on hips) and also able to taxi when slightly underpowered, with board angled up, back leg sunk to the calf and front foot just under. Better front/back stability than the 60L FG. Side stability was a non issue for me (five years winging). The 85%volume ratio was pretty stable compared to my old 60L, letting the top of chops over the rails — not as corky.

On foil, it’s epic given the surfboard size and narrow width. Hard carving with a 795 mast and HA580 without any rail digs!!! Loving life. Really good getting on foil as expected. Upwind perpendicular though big swell with the 795 mast was never so comfortable thanks to narrow width.

Only negative would be the slightly longer tail, which can slap if riding too low in high chop conditions, which is really just user error and an easy technique fix.

If deciding between similar volume FG and ML, it sort of comes down to riding style, goals and predominant conditions.

Great to ride a beautifully shaped board as a surfer turned foiler/winger who started off on table shaped boards.

Matthew Nuzzo
One board quiver

I’m 170 and have been riding the 55 and 65 L midlength winging and prone. This is an amazing do everything board. The 55 L is pretty tippy trying to knee start winging but one I put straps on I could knee start and get going in really light winds. The board turns really well because it is narrow too. For prone I can paddle into waves that aren’t breaking so it works for the small or big days we get in hatteras.

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