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**All A+ tail wings are compatible on the original Armstrong foil system while using the TTF tail shims.

CF300 V2:

The CF300 has undergone a makeover for the V2 that allows the rider to feel more stability and a greater speed range. The V2 has a thinner profile and the tips have been flattened out. This tail wing is best for beginner to intermediate riders that want to have maximum stability.

  • Wing Area: 300cm2 (124in2)
  • Wing span: 385mm
HS232 V2:

The HS232 has had similar updates to the CF300 with a thinner profile and flatter tips. You will find this tail wing a lot faster and smoother through the water than the previous version. As you continue to advance, you can chop off the tips and make it a 212 for a fast and loose feel.

  • Wing Area: 232cm2 or Chop Shop 212cm2
  • Wing span: 383mm

The Flying V FV200 has been designed with some secret carbon lay ups that give you an ultra rigid wing in the center with flexible tips. The swept back V shape gives you a lot of stability for a tail wing this small. The added flex and super thin profile have a buttery smooth ride through the water. This tail wing will increase the performance of any foil in the Armstrong line up.

  • Tail Wing Area: 200cm2 or Chop Shop 190cm2
  • Wingspan: 330 mm

This new design is cutting edge in terms of aspect ratio, thickness and anhedral. Combined with our HA wings the result is a smoother faster flowing ride with more speed, glide and precise handling! This effectively further increases the already outstanding performance and maneuverability of the HA foils.

  • Tail Wing Area: 195cm2
  • Wingspan: 385 mm
Surf 205:

The Surf 205 is a highly manoeuvrable stabiliser that enables tight and critical turns in the pocket. This design is derived from the low aspect HS212 (chopped HS232) which dedicated surf foilers found to be the ticket for foil surfing. The Surf 205 builds on that with refinements to the foil section, planform and thickness to unlock the most freedom on the wave.

  • Tail Wing Area: 205cm2
  • Wingspan: 344 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 5.9
  • Angle relative to fuselage: 1.5 deg
Flow 235:

The Flow 235’s name says it all! It’s smooth and predictable, inspiring your confidence and flow. Building on the much-loved HS232, this stabiliser adds a new section for consistent pitch stability, an increased projected aspect ratio and a refined planform to deliver an easy and free feeling ride. If you enjoy several foiling disciplines and want one stabiliser to cover them all, the Flow 235 is for you.

  • Tail Wing Area: 235cm2
  • Wingspan: 386 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.4
  • Angle relative to fuselage: 1.5 deg
Glide 220:

The Glide 220 is our stabiliser of choice when seeking the greatest glide and pump over long distances. It caters to intermediate through advanced riders pursuing lightwind winging and downwinding.

  • Tail Wing Area: 220cm2
  • Wingspan: 462 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 9.7
  • Angle relative to fuselage: 1.5 deg
Pump 202:

The Pump 202 is designed specifically to complement the Armstrong Pump Foil (APF) front foil range. This stabiliser redefines pump foiling potential with its ultra-low stall speeds, incredible stability and high efficiency to take you further with less effort than ever.

  • Tail Wing Area: 202cm2
  • Wingspan: 397 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 7.8
Speed 180:

Designed as the evolution of the HA195 stabiliser, the Speed 180 offers greater efficiency and top end for experienced wing, surf and downwind foilers looking for greater performance. Its high modulus carbon construction is extra stiff for instant pumping and carving response.

  • Tail Wing Area: 180cm2
  • Wingspan: 400 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 9
  • Angle relative to fuselage: 1.5 deg
Dart 140:

The Dart 140 is our smallest stabiliser and offers all the performance characteristics you'd expect from such a small surface area. Lightning fast response with minimal drag for high speeds, this is the tail of choice for advanced to expert wing, surf, tow and kite foilers in powered conditions.

  • Tail Wing Area: 140cm2
  • Wingspan: 348 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 8.7
  • Angle relative to fuselage: 1.5 deg
Package Includes
  • Carbon Tail Wing
  • Wing Cover
  • T30 Stainless Screws x 2
  • A+ Shim set

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