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Product Information

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Tech Specs
  • Pre-Loaded Leading Edge Geometry 
  • Sheer Web Ultra Stiff Handle Connection Points
  • Dyneema Sewn In Leach Line
  • Double Dacron Leading Edge Construction
  • Military Grade Window Material
  • Aramid Kevlar Internal and External Reinforced Load Zones and Leading Edge
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron Leading Edge and Strut Material (Germany)
  • Teijin T9669 D3 Triple Ripstop Canopy Material (Japan)
  • Two Inflate/Deflate Valves. One On the Leading Edge and One On the Strut
  • High Quality Bag Included
  • 6’Coil Wrist Leash Included
  • Power Link Control Bar Included
  • Pump Not Included
Armstrong A Wing Weight:
  • 3.5m  4.8 lbs
  • 4.5m  5.4 lbs
  • 5.5m  6.4 lbs
  • *Weights are just the wing with no leash
Armstrong A Wing Wind Speed:
  • 3.5m  17-36mph
  • 4.5m  12-28mph
  • 5.5m  7-21mph
  • *Wind speeds for a 175 lbs rider with a variety of foil and board sizes.
What We Like
  • The Armstrong A Wing has the most power per size of any wing on the market.  The 4.5m is comparable to most 5m to 5.5m wings of other brands.
  • Armstrong designed his wing so the optimal shape is when it is loaded up and under sail.  This means that while riding, you get minimal flex in the frame and it is much more efficient.
  • When you touch down the wing tip while riding, the leading edge is so stiff that the wing just bounces off the water. No wing tip drag to wipe outs on the A Wing.
  • The high volume diameter of the wing tip and strut allow you to lean on the wing and use it as a kick stand while setting up for deep water starts on prone foilboard.
  • The leading edge has doubled up Dacron, and it is internally reinforced with Aramid Kevlar on all seams to keep this wing holding up for a long time.
  • Recommended inflate pressure is only 7.5 psi where as most other brands are 9-10 psi.  Even at lower pressure, the Armstrong wing is significantly stiffer.  Less pressure means less stress on the seams and a longer lasting wing.
  • We loved the dual inflate valves.  They allow for proper pressure and quick deflation.
  • The windows are nice for improving your visibility on the water.  They are small and in the right place. The material is a military tent window so it can handle all temperatures and lots of abuse with out failing.
  • The sheer webbing handles make for a super rigid connection point to the strut and leading edge to translate all energy into the wing.  He also put in enough padding on the handles to make them plush and comfortable for lots of hours on the water.
  • Having the Y handles is a great option, and they make transitioning easier.
  • There is no trailing edge flutter on this wing because of the Dyneema leach line that is sewn into the trailing edge. 
  • Upwind performance and board speed with the A Wing is second to none.
  • Great hang time with the A Wing, and you get a lot of pop when you load it up because of the rigid frame.
  • Luffing this wing is awesome. It flags out and disappears when you are riding a wave.
  • High quality wing bag is included and the zippers are plastic so they won’t corrode.
  • The Armstrong Ultimate Wing Waist Leash is an awesome upgrade leash.
What We Don't Like
  • The stock leash that the A Wing comes with is a coiled wrist leash.  Some times the coil leash can get knotted up.  Armstrong makes an accessory quick release wing waist leash(The Ultimate Waist Leash) that is a primo upgrade.  If you get the Ultimate Waist Leash, the coil wrist leash does work well for a coil board ankle leash.
  • There are only three sizes.  They all work insane, but we wish there was a 2.5m for nuking days and a 6.5m for really big riders.  The 5.5m seems big enough as the riders over 200 lbs are finding this size to be the most powerful wing they have used, but some people don’t believe the hype and are wanting a 6.5m.
Why you want the Armstrong A Wing:
  • The Armstrong A Wing beats all other foil wings we have tried in power per size, performance, ease of use, and build quality.  Armstrong has done it again by bring another A+ product to market.
  • Description

    From Armstrong

    Each step of the development process we were searching for the ideal balance between power and feel while reducing leading edge flex to a minimum. From SUP boards to sinkers we are confident that the A-Wing has the power and performance to get you up and riding even in light winds!

    The A-Wing is powerful! This is primarily because the aerofoil section has been carefully developed so meter for meter the A-Wing is one of the most powerful wings on the market. This power makes riding easy, especially gaining enough speed to get on the foil or deep water starting a short board. Once on the fly, the balance of power between the front and rear hand is similar which makes it comfortable and less physically fatiguing for longer riding sessions.

    The solid airframe of the A-Wing is the second ingredient to power and performance. We found that the stiffer airframe helps dramatically when pumping the wing for power in light winds and also holding its shape in powered conditions or jumping. The thickness of the leading edge is not only for structural stability it’s also defining the nose radius of the aerofoil section that generates the power of the wing in flight!

    We refined the A-Wing design to be well balanced in a wide range of conditions. It is strong in terms of construction and durability but as light as possible in design for that perfect balance. We trimmed off all the excess fat because we could feel the difference the lighter we made it. It floats better on the front handle when riding waves or swells and feels more maneuverable when tacking, gybing or tricking around!

    • Leading edge and strut Material - Dimension Polyant Dacron (Germany)
    • Sail Material - Teijin T9669 D3 (Japan)
    • The leading edge and strut have Aramid reinforced cloth on all high load and stress points.
    • Internal tape reinforces all seams on the leading edge and strut.
    • Double layer of Dacron and Aramid cloth reinforces the strut to leading edge connection.
    • High volume inflate and deflate valves make setup and pack down a breeze. The leading edge and the strut, inflate and deflate separately.
    Package Includes
    • Wing Bag
    • Wrist Leash
    • Repair Kit
    • Power Link Control Bar 
    • Pump Sold Separately

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