Armstrong Wing SUP Foilboard-5'5" x 80L

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Armstrong Wing SUP boards have been specifically designed for SUP and Wing foiling. These boards are built with the highest quality materials. They are light, strong and the shapes are on point.

Tech Specs
  • Double carbon stringer for extra rigidity that are fused to the boxes for the strength needed to surf big foil wings
  • Tracks for pedestal mount foils
  • High density foam, EPS blank with carbon and integrated wrap to make this boars stiff and solid feeling under foot
  • Extra layers of carbon wrapped on the rails for ding protection
  • Concave chined rails
  • Heavy nose concave the goes into a flat tail for easy take off
  • Inserts for front and back straps. Also offset inserts are installed.
  • Full EVA deck pads included
  • Leash Plug
  • Vent plug
  • Adjustable Carbon Kick Tail included
  • Armstrong SUP Board Bag included
  • Available accessories sold separately: Mounting hardware, footstraps, and waist leash.
  • 5’5" x 26.75” x 4.25” 80L 11.8 lbs
  • 5’11" x 28.75” x 4.5” 99L 12.5 lbs
  • 6’6" x 30.5” x 5" 132L 13.5 lbs
What We Like
  • Armie spends a ton of time testing his products with riders all over the world to get the most real world feed back he can. When he releases a product to market, it is 100% tested, vetted and ready to rip.
  • The Armstrong Wing SUP boards are incredibly easy to use. The shape and design make these boards much more stable than the volume suggests.
  • Each board was designed in its own unique way so that they would best suit the size of riders that are using them.
  • The design of the 6’6 is a different shape with a wider nose to maximize the stability.
  • The dual carbon stringer connects the top sheet to the boxes so they are super strong. All pumping action translates to forward motion.
  • The bottom shape and rail shape allows this board to get unstuck easily.
  • Touch downs are a breeze and the board deflects off the water with out sticking. This really helps with wing surfing and the higher speeds you reach while riding.
  • The deck pad is really plush and grippy but does not tear up your feet if you are in trunks. There are also small ridges on center line that allow you to feel your foot is in the right spot.
  • The Adjustable Carbon Tail pad is a really nice feature to have come stock. You can move the position if you are using straps or strapless so the kick tail is in the right spot.
Insider Info
  • We liked the mast track really far forward for wing foiling. We felt that the 5-6 position works best. For SUP most of our riders were using the 4-5 mast position.
  • These boards are toward the top of the price range but worth every dime. The quality of materials cost more and the performance is totally worth the extra money.
  • The included board bags are very high quality
  • Why you want the Armstrong Wing Sup board

    These are the most advanced foil boards for SUP or wing surfing. They make riding a foil easier and have all the performance to take you to any level you can go. Armie took a long time with a ton of R & D to get the construction and shape right before releasing them to the market. The end result is a very polished product.


From Armstrong

The construction is engineered with every fiber maximised to cope with the high leverage forces that are encountered with bigger boards and larger sized foil wings. This Includes our industry leading dual carbon sandwich stringer system with full Inegra sandwich box reinforcement, and a full triple layer carbon Inegra PVC sandwich deck and rails, the result is ultimate stiffness and ride response.

Our range of SUP foil boards has been developed to offer the rider lightweight, stability and maneuverability. Careful attention to volume distribution means that they are stable on the water, easy to paddle and take off early due to the accelerated bottom shape.

This new 5'5" foilboard design is for riders who want to push the limits, it’s lightweight and compact size makes it perfect for progression as a Sup foil board or with a Wing for lightweight to medium riders. Multiple reinforced foot strap inserts allow perfect placement for progressive riders that want to be strapped in.

  • 5'5" x 26.75" x 4.25" 80L
  • Weight: 5.3kg
The new 5’11 foilboard is our all-rounder in the range, ideal for mid weight riders wanting to Sup foil or Wing foil. It’s stable, easy to paddle and gains speed quickly, which makes for early takeoffs. Multiple reinforced foot strap inserts allow perfect placement for progressive riders that want to be strapped in.
  • 5’11" x 28.75'” x 4.5” 99L
  • Weight: 5.9kg
If you want to progress quickly and easily then this is where to start. The 6'6" length and volume delivers a stable platform that makes it easy to progress in the waves as a Sup or with a Wing. It’s also perfect for heavier riders in all conditions. Multiple reinforced foot strap inserts allow perfect placement for progressive riders that want to be strapped in.
  • 6'6" x 30.5” x 5” 132L
  • Weight: 7.25kg

Package Includes
  • Board
  • Deck Grip
  • Armstrong Adjustable Carbon Tail Kick Pad
  • Padded Armstrong SUP Board Bag
  • Mounting Hardware Sold Separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Forbes
Great Gear

As a total beginner (155lbs. and 63 years old) I went with the 5'11" board and the 2400 V2 foil and am very happy with the choice. The board is small enough and light enough to easily handle, but has enough floatation that standing up or getting back to the beach is never an issue. Quality and design are excellent, though I would recommend getting a rubber mallet to assemble and breakdown the foil. After some trial and error I am now getting flying regularly with the mast at 2 and the 0 degree shim. Once up on foil the setup is pretty stable and forgiving which has helped me get the feel of things without instantly wiping out and having to restart. It's super fun and I love the simple kit and fast setup. The premium cost is made up for by the quality, performance and ease of use.

Travis Tabeling
The Ultimate Wing Thingy Board!

Armstrong designs perfection and this board is no exception. Once you have gotten over the first beginning hurdles of learning the new wing sport this board is your Ferrari. Ultra light, maneuverability and rock solid feedback from your foil is what you should expect while riding this board. Make sure you get the straps and board bag to complete the setup. You should size this board at about have of what you weight. 200lbs = 100L

Matt Nuzzo
Wow the 5’5 Armstrong Wing SUP Foilboard is NUTS!

I am so stoked on this board. No surprise that Armstrong wing foil boards work killer. The 5’5 is a great light wind board for me to ride when there isn’t enough juice to ride my prone foilboard with the Wingy Thingy. The 80 L of volume allows me to start on my knees and then stand up once there is a little power in the wing.

This board is really light and balanced for the size. When you ride it on foil it feels a lot smaller than an 80 L board. Because of the weight of this board hops on to foil faster than others as well.

This board is more balanced when you are getting started compared to other foil SUPs that I have tried. When you are under powered and slogging this is super important so you don’t fall off.

The deck pads are killer too. There is the adjustable carbon tail patch that you can move so you have the kick ramp in the right spot. I thought this was pointless but I use it a lot. It is also great to move the tail patch when you are using straps. There are two small bumps along center line so you can feel where your front foot is with out looking down.

The concave nose and rails really deflects off the water well. When you touch down the board skims the surface and jumps back up.

Finally Armie went all out in the construction. The boxes are double reinforced and bonded to two carbon stringers that attach to the top of the board. This means all energy translates to the foil and makes this board really responsive. Also your boxes won’t break out.

Matt Nuzzo
Use mast position 5 to 6

This board rides best with the mast position in the 5 or 6 position. For lighter air the 6 spot worked best for me. This was farther forward than I expected. When it is in the 6 position I find myself moving my foot back behind the mast to really crank on the turns.

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