Slingshot SlingWing V2

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Slingwing V2 has had a complete overhaul to make this wing one of the best on the market for wing surf foiling. When this hand wing goes into depower mode, it completely disappears. Slingshot has made some intuitive design modifications like the squared off wing tip to make it accessible for the beginner with nothing left on the table for the advanced riders.

Tech Specs
  • Slingshot tough build quality in a light weight package
  • 4x4 durable and light canopy material
  • Rigid but comfortable handles
  • Y Handles make transitions easy
  • Squared off wing tip reduces wing tip drag even on the big sizes -Heavy duty patches across wing tips reduce scuffing
  • Harness line attachment points are installed on strut
  • Coil wrist leash included
  • Backpack included
  • Harness line sold separately
  • Pump sold separately
What We Like
  • The Slingwing V2 floats in the air when you hold it by the front handle in depower mode. They put a lot of dihedral in this wing which makes it balanced and stable in the sky.
  • When you are riding a wave with the wing luffing, this wing disappears. It is totally balanced and luffs better than any other wing we have ridden.
  • This wing is light weight. Like really light weight. When you pick up the wing it feels like it can fly on its own. This makes it really easy to handle for any level wing surfer.
  • There is a big patch of material between the strut and the canopy. This is soft material that allows the draft to move around on the wing and handle gusts really well.
  • The squared off wing tips keep you from catching the wing tips while riding. This feature really helps while cranking turns on waves or for your first ride on the board.
  • The handle placement is spot on. They all have their purpose and there are not a bunch of extras. They added the transfer handle which some riders liked for changing from powered mode to depowered mode.
  • We love the Y handles as they make switching hands in transitions much easier. You also get better upwind ability by using the Y handle.
  • They added on some small knots that you can hook up a harness line to if you want to use a harness.
  • The Slingwing V2 has a lot of overhead lift. This upward pull gives you more stability to stand and get on foil faster.
  • Despite the light weight feel, the construction is rock solid Slingshot tough.
What We Don't Like
  • The coil wrist leash can be kind of annoying because it can knot up. Some people like it because it is compact and you don’t have a long leash dangling around. Some don’t like it because they can bind up because of the coils.
  • We wished that this wing shipped with the harness line. They are easy to make with a piece of rope, but we wished that it came with the rope.
Why You Want the Slingwing V2:
  • The Slingwing V2 is so easy to handle that everyone loves it when they pick it up. If you are ever planning on riding a swell or gliding waves with your wing, the Slingwing is the choice. This is a staff favorite because of the light weight feel and the full depower mode is unmatched.


From Slingshot

Anyone who wants the thrill of being powered by the wind over water, land, or snow. Anyone with decent board skills, but little to no sailing or kiting experience will get the hang of it right out of the gate. Its unique appeal comes from how simple it is to use and the freedom you feel using it. Just stand on your board, hold the wing at the proper angle, and off you go. To ease power, just sheet out or let go with your backhand, and the wing drifts with you like a paper airplane.


  • The Slingwing V2 is lightweight and comes in at half the weight of original wings.
  • It offers easy one-handed wrist control while luffing or surfing with no oscillation or nose-diving.
  • Low-end power is perfect for getting up on all size boards and deep water starts.
  • Soft handles offer total control and amazing comfort for hours of shredding.
  • The cambered dihedral design lets you harmonize the wind, body, and foil into speed and control.
  • Cross over use for paddleboard, skis/snowboard, skateboard or land board at the beach.

Package Includes

  • Wing
  • SlingWing back pack
  • Safety leash
  • QSG
  • Bladder patch kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Travis Tabeling
Great Option for Winging

The Slingwing is a very well thought out product. I really like Y-handles on wings, I feel that it is a more natural location for your front hand. I like that they added a spot for a harness loop but don't like that they never made a product for it. The wingtips are nice and tucked in on this wing too. Really the only downside is how much dihedral it has. It gets quite flappy when you are trying to pump to get onto foil.

Ultra ultra stable

First impression is that the Slingwing V2 is a HUGE upgrade from the version 1. No questions asked its worth the upgrade.

The wing itself has a very different feel from others I have used. The wings have a definite 'V' shape going away from the center strut. It must be that shape to the wings, but the wing is super stable when you are holding it with one hand and its trailing behind you depowered. Other wings will start twisting side to side like a pendulum and you have to grab it before it flips on you, where as this wing just glides behind you doing what you want it to. The power on this seems to feel softer than other wings as well. When you pump for power, you can see the wings flexing outwards. Same happens in big gusts which can be helpful. It can make the super light wind situations a little challenging to pull all the power out of the wing to start, but as long as your up and going and properly powered then it seems to be a great advantage.

Charlie kim
Customer Review of slingwing v2 5.4m

Review of Slingwing: it has all the best out of rest wings, tucked in wingtips like f-one gives lots of clearance from water, curve up strut makes handles much closer to your body, slightly longer strut gives easier to pump and better stability, changed first handle position makes so comfortable, brilliant training edge battens reduces flutter, over all I love it!!

James Jenkins
SlingWing V2 took me to the next level!!!

I absolutely love this wing!! I initially learned on the V1 slingwing and as soon as I picked up the V2 I could feel a drastic difference. Firstly, it is SOOO light. I really appreciate the light weight of it because it is easy to handle the thing when carrying your setup to the water, getting through the shorebreak, etc. As I got to the point where I was getting onto a swell and depowering the wing, the lightweight of it makes you almost forgot your holding it. It is also very stable and balanced when held in the depower position. Another thing I love about it is the handle placement. Slingshot really did a good job with the handles because each one has a purpose and they put just the right number of them on the wing. Getting up on the V2 is a breeze because the canopy just creates so much pull. I’ve found that going upwind with this wing is night and day easier than the V1. Ultimately, the V2 wing completely changed the game for me and allowed me to progress in the sport faster than I thought possible. I have been riding the 4.4m and it seems to be a great size for me. Definitely looking forward to getting my hands on some other sizes to take advantage of any wind speed!! 10/10 recommended the V2 Slingwing!

Matt Nuzzo
The Slingwing V2 is SOOOOOOO light

This wing is awesome. Once you pick it up you immediately feel how light and balanced this wing is. This wing basically flies on its own. That makes everything easier from carrying the wing and your foil to the water to gliding down the face of the wave.

This is the best wing we have used for surf foiling. When you catch the wave, the wing is completely stable while on the wave fast. There is no side to side swinging. For onshore or offshore conditions, we found that the wing stays right with you.

I love the handle configuration and that they put the Y handles on there too. I get better performance holding the Y handle and it makes transitions much easier.

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