The Nuzzo Pro Surf/Kite Armstrong Package

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Product Information

REAL Review

  • 4'5 FG 34L- This board catches waves so easily. It is light, strong and pumps like a beast. I have yet to test a prone board that works as well as the Armstrong FG 4'5 and I can wing and kite it too.
  • HS Wing Overview- HS1550 V2 for all around in most smaller conditions. This wing pumps like an HA and turns like a wing much smaller than it is. This is one of my main winging foils. HS1250 for better surf and more nimble turning.
  • HA Wing Overview- HA1125 is maximum pumping. So much glide and it still turns. Also great for downwinding. HA925 is my go-to for performance foil surfing and I can ride this in knee high to overhead waves. It has crazy pump and glide for such a small foil. HA725 for fast turns, powerful swell and max speed.
  • 4'5 FG 34L- This board is a little big for me for kiting, but it is so easy to ride that I always go back to it. It gets going easily, deflects off the water well and I can jump it with straps on.
  • HS Wing Overview- The HS1050 is my main kite foil wing. It has nice low speed take off and it is comfortable through the turns. HS1550 V2 I will ride for the ultimate light wind foil. It has such great top range that it keeps you on foil in nothing. It is also great for learning turns and tricks. The HS1250 has a good balance of turning and speed. The wide span keeps you locked in for kiting.
  • HA Wing Overview- HA1125 is kind of crazy to kite foil because of its endless glide. The high aspect ratio and wide span gives you amazing up and down wind ability. The HA925 is a great kite wing with the balance of glide, turning and performance. The HA725 is a monster for high speed straight line speed runs. I like kiting this one on the 70cm fuse to handle the mach speeds.
Masts, Fuse and Tail Wings
  • MAST- I normally have a 85cm and 72cm mast rigged in my car with the 60cm fuse in them and ready to go. I am riding the 85cm for kiting and winging to handle the heavier chop. The 72cm I am surfing and riding in shallower waters.
  • FUSLAGE- The 60cm A+ fuse are my staple fuselage. They are a great balance of turning, stability and pumping. I use the 70cm for max speed and stability and it also helps for really long pumps back to the top.
  • TAIL WING- The FV200 is my all around tail that I use with no shim at -1. Very smooth and loose. HS232 V2 I ride with two red shims at +1. It is really stable and helps when I am learning new stuff.


Package Includes
  • Armstrong FG Wing Surf Foilboard-4'5" x 34L
  • Armstrong A+ System High Speed Foil Package-HS1550 v2 w85
  • Armstrong A+ System High Speed Front Wing-HS1250
  • Armstrong A+ System High Speed Front Wing-HS1050
  • Armstrong A+ System High Aspect Front Wing-HA1125
  • Armstrong A+ System High Aspect Front Wing-HA925
  • Armstrong A+ System High Aspect Front Wing-HA725
  • Armstrong A+ System Tail Wing-Flying V FV200
  • Armstrong A+ System Tail Wing-HS232 V2
  • Armstrong A+ System TC Fuselage-60cm
  • Armstrong A+ System TC Fuselage-70cm
  • Armstrong A+ System Mast-72cm
  • Armstrong Memory Foam Foot Strap x Two

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