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MFC (Maui Fin Company) partnered with Kai Lenny's The Hydrofoil Company to release the much anticipated Hydros Surf Foil. This is a top tier, performance oriented surf foil.

Tech Specs
  • Full carbon construction
  • Two wing options available, Medium 1075 or Large 1250
  • Medium 1075 best for big waves, kiteboarding, or people less than 170 lbs.
  • Large 1250 best for small waves and surfers bigger than 170 lbs.
  • 70cm carbon mast with pedestal mount
  • High quality padded foil bag included
  • Hardware kit and tools included
  • Board mounting hardware included
  • 3 Back wing shims included
  • 6.6 lbs for the complete 1250 and 6.4 lbs for the complete 1050
What We Like
  • This is a high performance surf foil where every motion on the board translates to the foil.
  • When you pump the Hydro, you get immediate acceleration.
  • Quick rail to rail on turns.
  • Fast feel with plenty of straight line glide.
  • Back wing shims allow you to tune your ride. We recommend the 1.5 for your most balanced set up. Increase the angle to the 2.5 and you get on foil faster, turn faster and go at lower speeds. Decrease to the 0 degree shim and you have less lift and higher speeds.
  • Fully modular set up allows you to easily pack the Hydros.
  • 70cm mast gives you a lot of room for pumping and putting your foil on rail.
  • We found the Medium 1075 front wing was great for kiteboarding but small for surf foiling unless you have some bigger swells. The Large 1250 was great for most surf foilers.
  • The two front wing kit is a nice option for someone that wants to multi-sport.
  • Assembly was really easy. The hardware is separated into different bags with labels for front wing, back wing, mast, etc. They also include extra bolts and an instruction manual.
  • The bag is the nicest on the market. It is slim, padded, plastic zips that won't corrode, and pockets for everything including two front wings.
  • The finish work, design and look of this foil is really sweet. The two tone carbon really kicks it off.
What We Don't Like
  • The Hydros feels a little twitchy til you get used to how responsive this foil is. Intermediated to advanced foilers will love the performance, but beginners could struggle with it.
  • They only have one mast option. 70cm is a great length for better surf foilers, but it is a little long for beginners and a little short for kiteboarders.
  • We wished they included padded wing covers for the foil to use while it is assembled.
Why You Want The MFC Hydros Surf Foil:

We were really impressed with the performance of the Hydros and love the attention to detail and quality of this foil. If Kai Lenny, the king of all foil, is putting his name on it, then you know it is good.

Esben Boxer in Puerto Rico


From MFC

HYDROS is the new surfing Hydrofoil made by MFC in collaboration with The Hydrofoil Company in a cooperative effort to deliver what we think is the best surf hydrofoil on the market. A full carbon molded hydrofoil, the HYDROS uses the most innovative materials and technology to achieve an incredible performance at under 3kg of weight. The innovative wing designs, its mast and fuselage fittings and stability and the option to adjust the back wing according to conditions. are what make the HYDROS unique and different.

  • Available in 2 Front Wing options.
  • FW 1075 Medium: For surfers up to 180lb.
  • FW 1250 Large: for surfers from 180lb and up. Also for very small waves.
  • MAST C70: The profile allows control, speed and no drag at all. Not much lift is generated by the mast itself, everything is concentrated on the wings. Our technology allowed the mast to reach maximum stiffness and no torsion for speed, control, carving. The attachment to the board is a full Carbon/Epoxy molded plate with plate recess of 2mm to allow the mast to fit in perfectly. RTM Technology built with Carbon/Epoxy G33 Bio Resin. Length of 70cm.
  • FUSELAGE: Built in the same Carbon/Epoxy technology; FW and Mast attachment are conic to allow a perfect and precise fitting. It comes in a length of 63cm.
  • FRONT WINGS: Our Front Wing generates a lot of gradual lift and they are very easy to control. Built with our Mold Technology with Carbon Twill, PVC core and G33 Bio Resin, it is one of the most advanced wings on the market. It reaches an excellent top speed allowing continuous turns with not much effort, keeping gliding. It’s V shapes allows easier turns keeping speed and gliding with low effort.
  • BACK WING 225: Built in Full Carbon.
  • SHIMS: Hydros is delivered with three shims, Zero, One.Five & Two.Five. Shims are needed to adjust and control the Angle Of Attack (AOA) of the back wing. Shims help dictate the amount of lift we will achieve from the back wing. The bigger the AOA the most Lift we will have, the smaller the AOA the most speed you will achieve. These should be chosen in relation to the size of the front wing that is being used.
  • FW 1075 Weight 2.9KG 6.39LBS
  • FW 1250 Weight 3KG 6.61LBS
Package Includes

Mast|Fuselage|Front Wing|Back Wing|Shims|Assembly Hardware|Pedestal Mounting Hardware|Bag

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