Lift Classic Foil-170

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REAL Review

Weight: 7 lbs Lift 150 for riders 110-180Lbs Lift 170 for riders 140-220Lbs The Lift Surf and Sup foil has taken years of testing at the Lift R&D Center to come up with this unique full carbon design. This rock solid full carbon design weighs in at the lightest foil on the market. Lift gets its strength from molding the wings to the fuselage. This ensures that the wings are on properly and there isn’t any vibration or cavitation caused by a bunch of screws into the wings. The mast has a really solid connection to the fuselage with their box style fitting. The Lift is lightweight and you notice it in all aspects of using this foil from carrying it to the beach to riding down the line. It also has an extremely smooth ride. There is no hum or strange noise coming from the Lift foil which feels perfectly balanced under your feet. You just have pure silent glide.

How the Lift Surf Foil surfs:

The most notable thing about paddling with the Lift under your board is the glide. Paddling a foil generally adds a lot of drag to your board. The Lift has a lot less drag than any other foil on the market. You also notice this when you pop up and foil down the line too. We found that the Lift was so efficient that we would outrun the waves when we were just beginning and didn't know how to cut back. Once you know how to pump and cut back the acceleration and flow through the turns is unmatched. The 28" mast is a couple of inches bigger than most of the other surf masts on the market. This was only an issue in shallower water with super small waves. The lightweight carbon design was awesome for dealing with the board. When you carry this foil compared to some of the heavier foils on the market, you really appreciate the weight. The 170 sq. inch wing is smaller than some of the other surf wings on the market, so anyone trying to SUP or surf on this foil should get the 170. If you are really small you might consider the 150 but most people should be on the 170.

How Lift Surf Foil kiteboards:

This foil is buttery smooth. It rides so well behind the kite and the 170 wing is killer for the ultralight winds. You can kite the 170 with the stock mast in most conditions. These wings are plenty fast too. If you want to have a faster version then drop down to the 150 and you will have less lift and drag. The standard kite wing is 110 and we have found that most people like the extra lift of the 150 or 170 which will more easily keep you on foil through your tacks and jibes. Most people that get this foil for surfing and kiting are getting an additional mast. Lift makes the 32" and 36" for accessory masts. The longer the mast, the more hiked over the board is and the better you will go upwind. The longer mast will also make dealing with big chop easier.

How the Lift Surf Foil Wakeboards:

The Lift foils are super fun behind the boat. You can ride this foil on proper wakeboard boats or even a jet ski or small outboard. With the amount of glide the lift has you won't need much to get up on foil and get going. The little longer mast makes this foil a little harder for the first time beginner, but you will appreciate the glide once you get it figured out. For sizing the 170 will be best suited for riding behind the board. The extra lift from the 170 can buck you off your first few times if you have a driver that gooses the throttle too fast. Get a good driver and you will be set.

Why you want a Lift Surf Foil:

Lift has been making full carbon foils longer than anyone on the market. They have used these years of experience to come up with a super strong full carbon foil that you will not outgrow.


From Lift

The Big Easy is ideal for learning and riding at lower speeds. The larger surface area - 130 square inches - will slow you down and offer lift at lower speeds and lighter winds. Ideal for riders over 200 lbs.

We are very proud to introduce our new one-piece wing designs that offer superior strength and performance. The wing serves as a critical component in the stability of the foil at any speed. For this reason we’ve tested and fine-tuned every detail -size, shape & angles- to specifically engineer wings that maximize control and stability without unnecessary drag.

Our wings are built from carbon and Kevlar (known for its use in bulletproof vests) for maximum strength and toughness. With four options to choose from, you will not find tougher, stronger and more refined wing designs on the market.

Package Includes
  • Wing
  • Protective Cover
  • Mast Sold Separately

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