Freedom Foil Boards Rubix Custom

by Freedom Foil Boards • SKU FRE20-RUBIX41-INSERT
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Product Information

REAL Review

Freedom Foil Boards has been relentlessly working on the Rubix to make a high performance foil board that will handle tight turns in the pocket and all the stress that performance foilers are putting on these boards. The Rubix is surprisingly user-friendly and works great behind the boat, wing or kite too.

Tech Specs
  • 1 lb EPS Core Construction with heavily reinforced Divinicell inserts for the foil boxes
  • Concave Deck – Maximizes board control and feel
  • Double Concave Bottom Shape - Comes unstuck easily
  • Tapered Rails – Thinned out to make the rails easier to grab during duck dives.
  • Mid Board Volume - Reduces swing weight for faster turns and pumping
  • Hollowed Mounting Box and Tail- Volume removed from tail area to reduce touch downs on turns.
  • Carbon wrapped epoxy glassing
  • Vent plug
  • Kick Tail to assist in pumping
  • Track system allows you to tune your ride
  • Mounting tracks heavily reinforced to handle large wing load and foot straps
  • Deck pads not included
  • Optional inserts for foot straps
  • 4'1” x 19.7″ x 3.3″ @ 32 Liters, White/Black | 6.0 lbs
  • 4’4″ x 19.8″ x 3.6″ @ 37 Liters, Blue/Black | 6.2 lbs
  • 4’7″ x 20″ x 3.7″ @ 41 Liters, Orange/Black | 6.4 lbs
  • 4’10″ x 20.3″ x 3.8″ @ 45 Liters, Red/Black | 6.9 lbs
What We Like
  • The Rubix has a lot of volume for its size. It paddles really well for a performance board. Once you are on foil you don't notice the volume and the extra float helps you get into waves early.
  • They pulled in the tail and took as much volume out from around the boxes as they could. This keeps you from touching down on cut backs.
  • The strong double concave not only looks really cool but comes unstuck and deflects really easily.
  • Freedom moved the wide point back to reduce the swing weight for more crisp turns and better pumping.
  • The rails have been thinned out to make them easier to grab while duck diving.
  • There is a nice concave on the deck which allows you to have a lot better stability while paddling a smaller board.
  • The construction is super stiff and responsive. With the full carbon lay up, all of your motions translate into direct action on the board.
  • Pumping the Rubix is a dream and this board pumps better than most we have tried.
  • The boxes are heavily reinforced for heavy load from larger wings and doing airs.
  • Strap inserts are professionally installed so you can use set up straps goofy or regular.
  • We have used this board wake surfing, kite surfing and on the Wingy Thingy. It works just as well for these sports as it does prone surf foiling it.
  • Prone surfing the Rubix is far easier than we expected. For a high performance board, you can surprisingly still glide into even the smallest waves.
Insider Info:
  • The Rubix is available with or with out inserts. The inserts add a little more weight but we feel that if you are riding this board, you should get the inserts. Straps will help you rip harder in any of the sports you are doing and with something like riding the wing, they just make it a lot easier. If you don't want the straps then the inserts won't bother you.
  • We like using the box position in the #2 slot for Armstrong foils, #2.5 for Lift and #1.5 for MFC.
  • The Rubix comes with a goretex vent plug in it that should not be removed. It stays in place and bleeds air when the board gets hot. Since this is an all carbon custom you should not leave it in the sun and keep it stored in a bag.
  • The Rubix only comes in the sizes and colors listed per size. Your only option is to get it with or with out inserts.
Why you want the Freedom Foil Boards Rubix:

Freedom has a great reputation of people ripping on their boards and loving them. The Rubix paddles really well and rips in the waves. The Rubix will take your foiling to the next level.


The Rubix was contrived out of the culmination of our most progressive infrastructures and designs to date. Every curve and every angle has been scrutinized to bring you the most efficient, lightest, and strongest foilboard on the planet! We didn’t want the Rubix to just look amazing so we have literally upgraded all of our components to set a new standard for foilboard durability and longevity. From our foam to our foil box construction, all of the ingredients within The Rubix are built to match the demands that are now required from the most advanced forms of foiling. Every Rubix is crafted right here in the USA! From the shaping to the construction and culminating in individual custom paint jobs, each and every Rubix is uniquely designed with unmatched quality and craftsmanship. If you are ready the new standard in foilboards you are ready for THE RUBIX!

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