Armstrong Titanium Core Fuselage

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From Armstrong

The Armstrong HEX Fuselage is a ground breaking work of art in terms of engineering and design.

The fuselage has a solid Titanium core running throughout its length. The core is then shrouded in 5mm solid wall Carbon tube.The multi wing HEX fitting for the mast and front wing gives 360 degree surface contact, maximising the load distributing area.

This unique fuselage construction easily handles the highly leveraged opposing flex loads as the mast and wings are directly keyed into the Titanium core, taking your ride to the next level.

  • The TC60 allows greater maneuverability and is suited to the accomplished rider. The shorter length offers wave riders tighter carving turns and quicker response for shredding waves.
  • The TC70 is our most popular fuselage length in our range for the all round rider. The longer length gives more overall stability and provides a more powerful pumping action.
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  • Hardware and Tail Trim Fairing Sold Separately

Customer Reviews

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70, 60, 50 Oh my.

I'm about a year into owning my Armstrong kit, 2 years into foiling overall.

I originally purchased the 70 and 60 fuse and loved the 70 for the first stage of progression. I would have so much fun that when I tried the 60, I would blow waves, and immediately switch back to the 70.

After seeing people rip on the 50, I decided I needed to get on the 60 more. That timed up with learning to wingding. The extra ride time on the 60 while winging, made transitioning to the surf easy. Now I rarely grab the 70 when surf foiling.

Then I picked up the 50 and again have been putting in time winging with it to get familiar with the added reactivity it adds (both pitch and tighter turning radius). I have only tried it in the surf with the 1550 and 2400 and it has been super fun, while challenging at the same time.

My favorite wing set up currently, for when there is good 12-20mph wind and some bumps, is the 2400 wing, 50 fuse, 232 tail, and +1 TTF. When heading back upwind through wind chop, the 50 fuse makes it feel like a bmx pump track. When I see a good 'set' of knee high chops, I make a beeline for them at max speed then rip a cutty / gybe and cruise back the other direction completely de-powered and surf the bump as far as it offers. So insanely fun. The longer fuses made that type of gybe a bit more challenging, as it wants to put you further out in-front of the super short period swell.

Looking forward to the 50 with the 1050 wing when conditions permit.

Matt Nuzzo
70cm makes pumping and wing surfing a dream

The 70cm is a great accessory for anyone looking to have the easiest riding foil on the market. The longer length puts the stabilizer back farther and keeps you from stalling the front wing. This translates into WAY more glide on your pumps and an ultra stable platform under your feet.

If you are learning to pump a foil while foil surfing, the 70cm is like having training wheels. You get way more glide per pump and you are much less likely to stall out while you pump back out for another.

The down side to foil surfing with the 70cm is that the turns are stiffer than the 60cm. You can still turn but you can't whip around turns like you can with the 60cm. I have been combating this by using the 232 tail wing. With the 70cm and the 232 tail wing, you get that super stable platform and glide with faster crisper turns.

I really like the 70cm fuse for that extra stability while learning to ride the Wingy Thingy. I found with the 70cm, I was less likely to breach, it was easier to get on foil and I stayed on foil longer.

Matt Nuzzo
60cm is my go to fuselage

The 60cm is what I ride most of the time. This is the stock fuselage for most Armstrong kits because it gives you the best of all worlds.

It works best for surfing as you can carve tight turns, pump and it is still really stable.

I use the 60cm fuselage as my primary fuselage for kite foiling too. Plenty stable and nice and turny.

If I am riding waves with the Wingy Thingy, then I will ride the 60cm, but I used the 70cm for more stability while I was learning.

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