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Product Information

REAL Review

The Armstrong HS1050 Complete Foil Kit is a complete foil kit designed for high-performance foil surfing in larger waves or for foil kiting in low- medium wind. The new HS(High Speed) wing line is designed for the right balance of speed, turning, and pumping. Like all Armstrong foils, this kit is super easy to ride and ridiculously stable.

Armie Armstrong got fed up with all of the foils he was buying breaking, seizing together and not working like he wanted them to, so he put together an all-star team and Armstrong Foils were born. These are top quality foils with unique performance characteristics that make the foils really easy to learn with yet all the top pros are frothing to get their hands on them.

Armstrong HS1050 Complete Foil Weight: 7.0 Lbs or 3.17 Kg
Tech Specs
  • 12 Month Manufacture Warranty on all parts
  • High end carbon construction with amazing quality control
  • Modular "Future-Proof" design makes it pack up easily and 
ensures that your foil will still work when new wings come 
  • Fuselage has a titanium rod as the core with 5mm carbon 
  • Wing construction is high-density foam core which is encapsulated in Aramid cloth before being wrapped with 100% High Modulus Carbon
  • Mast construction starts with multi-piece hardwood core, "secret" carbon lay up base layers, Aramid layers for strength and then 100% carbon cloth wrap
What’s Included
  • HS1050 Front Wing
  • HS232 Tail Wing
  • Drive Mast 72cm / 28.5”
  • TC60 Fuselage 60cm
  • Titanium Tail Trim Fairings 0° & +1°
  • Titanium board mounting T-Nut and screws
  • Stainless hardware with spares
  • T30 torque driver
  • Padded wing and mast covers
  • Padded carrying case
What We Like
  • The new HS1050 wing is crazy good and everyone at REAL is loving it. It is a smaller wing that feels much faster than the CF1200. The turning is fast and pump is on point too.
  • Unlike other smaller wings we've tried, the HS1050 gives you a leg up while kiteboarding in lighter winds. It has low-speed lift and comes on foil in a very controlled manner. This wing is geared toward someone with a little experience on the foil. If you want the easier wing to ride in this size range, you should consider the CF1200 which has lower speed lift, go slower, and it stays on foil easier than the HS1050.
  • Advanced foil surfers are freaking out about the performance of the HS1050. Particularly for lighter riders below 170 lbs, the HS1050 is becoming a main stay in surfer quivers. This foil glides really well and is very easy to roll from rail to rail. It also can snap tighter turns in the steeper part of the wave with out stalling or getting too much lift.
  • This kit is the perfect performance kite foiling kit for someone who wants to ride fast in light winds or for heavier riders that want more performance than the CF1200.
  • For tow foiling, the HS1050 is the must have kit. We love that you can ride through the prop wash with out getting launched off your foil. Also, this wing turns fast in the tight pocket of a wave to slow down and has sufficient glide to carry you through flatter sections of the wave.
  • Armstrong took the extra time and money to make a really top quality product. Their quality control is amazing and you can see it when you hold one of these foils in person.
  • This is the most stable foil series on the market. You can't understand it until you have ridden a bunch of foils and have them vibrate like made through white water, prop wash or surface chop. Then you get on the Armstrong and you don't feel anything but the foil effortlessly gliding under your feet. This is a huge benefit for beginners that will allow you to have a more stable platform.
  • There is no learning curve. You get better as soon as you start riding these foils.
  • The mast has a tapered design so that it is wide and super stiff at the top and narrower with some flex at the bottom. This allows it to absorb vibrations and it helps you get shorter radius turns.
  • The wing covers and travel case are so simple and well thought out. They are super functional and simple.
  • Armstrong pulled in experts from the Team New Zealand America's Cup foil design team as well as Robbie Whittall from Ozone kites to work on the foil designs and create their proprietary carbon layups.
  • All the hardware is high end stainless steel and these screws turn into titanium. This means that there will be no corrosion ever. You can leave it together for as long as you want and it won't corrode.
What We Don't Like
  • These foils are expensive. You get what you pay for, and it is worth spending up to get an Armstrong. The craftsmanship, durability and performance is second to none.
  • You need to carry speed through turns or be in the steeper sections of the waves to really get the most out of this wing. If you are a less experienced foiler and gliding too far out into the flats, you can slow down and stall this wing. Keeping tight turns with the foil in the power source is how to find the true potential of the HS1050
  • The T30 tool that ships with the kit will rust out and break after a while. They do include a T30 stainless screwdriver tip. Careful not to overtighten if you are using a screw gun.
  • Why You Want the Armstrong HS1050 Foil

    No matter your ability level, you can appreciate the Armstrong Foils. They learned what fails on all other foils and have taken the time to address these issues with precision quality. The HS1050 is quickly becoming regarded as the must have foil for high performance surf foiling, kiting, and tow-ins on medium size days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect Balance of performance and stability

This is my favorite wing to kite in the Armstrong line. Very stable at high speed but still creates lift at slow speeds for manageable water starts and lower wind sessions

Chris Rutledge
So much fun for kite foiling!!

Just got out kite foiling on the 1050 wing for the first time and had a blast. I had it paired up with the smallest Armstrong 3'11" foilboard. My first few attempts at waterstarting this kit were less than successful as this felt like a whole other animal. I have been mainly riding the bigger surf wings and bigger boards so this took a short minute to figure out. I figured out that smaller board didn't really give you that much float when not on a foil, so you needed to try and get it on foil kind of quickly. After a 1/2 dozen times I had it dialed in. I wouldn't recommend this kit for beginners or casual foilers but for someone who foils regularly and is looking to push it to the next level this wing delivers. Super responsive in turns, really felt like you could put everything into a turn and really lay into it. Foil pumped downwind nicely, had a great rhythm, going to be a great foil for ocean riding. My go to foil for lighter winds and smaller swell would be the 1200 but adding this 1050 for moderate wind, bigger swell, and more reactivity is a definite!!

Travis Tabeling
Awesome on a Kite!

The 1050 is perfect for both low wind and powered up situations on a kite. I have taken it out in 10mph and 20mph and it loves speed and gets more stable the faster you go. With the 300 tail you feel really locked in but with the 232 you get a slightly faster ride but much looser yaw and roll. Excellent choice if you want just one wing for all of your kite foil sessions!

Great to kite on

This wing is perfect for kiting on. I rode the CF1200 and HS1050 back to back. I consider the CF1200 to be the "stock" or go to wing for most people out there, especially someone beginner/intermediate looking to use the wing for kiting and surf foiling. The HS1050 is really nice to kite on as well. It tends to glide a little smoother and doesn't give you the little spikes in lift while passing through wind chop like the CF1200 will. It feels like it might be a touch faster than the CF1200 but not by a huge margine. Turns really nicely, glides through transitions really well, really user friendly. If I slowed down too much in a transition or the wind died out, the foil pumped really well and I could easily keep my speed up. Really looking forward to trying this wing out while kiting in the waves. It should be perfect for picking up the larger ocean rollers while kiting. This wing is going to be a popular one!!

Matt Nuzzo
Great blend of high performance and easy to use ride with the 1050

There is no adjustment period going from the 1200 to the 1050 front wing. It basically feels like a baby version of the 1200. The thinner profile and narrower wing span means that it goes faster and turns rail to rail easier. If you are a lighter weight rider or want a higher performance foil than the 1200, then go for the 1050.

We had a similar experience swapping out the tail wings on the 1050 that we did with the 1200. Most less experienced kite foilers liked the stability of the 300, while the more advanced riders liked the speed and turning of the 232.

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