Armstrong CF1600 Foil Package

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Armstrong CF1600 Complete Foil Kit is ideal for small waves or SUP foiling. This foil is super stable with the longer 70cm fuselage and bigger front wing.

Armie Armstrong got fed up with all of the foils he was buying breaking, seizing together and not working like he wanted them to, so he put together an all star team and Armstrong Foils were born. These are top quality foils with unique performance characteristics that make the foils really easy to learn with yet all the top pros are frothing to get their hands on them.

Armstrong 1600 Complete Foil Weight: 8.55Lbs or 3.88Kg
Tech Specs
  • 12 Month Manufacture Warranty on all parts
  • High end carbon construction with amazing quality control
  • Modular "Future-Proof" design makes it pack up easily and ensures that your foil will still work when new parts come out
  • Fuselage has a titanium rod as the core with 5mm carbon wrap
  • Wing construction is high-density foam core which is encapsulated in Aramid cloth before being wrapped with 100% High Modulus Carbon
  • Mast construction starts with multi-piece hardwood core, "secret" carbon lay up base layers, Aramid layers for strength and then 100% carbon cloth wrap.
What's Included
  • CF1600 Front Wing
  • Uni Tail Wing
  • 72cm Pedestal Mast
  • TC70 Fuselage 70cm
  • Titanium 0 degree rear wing shim
  • Titanium board mounting T-Nut and screws
  • Stainless hardware with spares
  • T30 torque driver
  • Padded wing and mast covers
  • Padded carrying case
What We Like
  • Armstrong took the extra time and money to make a really top quality product. Their quality control is amazing and you can see it when you hold one of these foils in person.
  • This is the most stable foil on the market. You can't understand it until you have ridded a bunch of foils and have them vibrate like mad through white water, prop wash or surface chop. Then you get on the Armstrong and you don't feel anything but the foil effortlessly gliding under your feet. This is a huge benefit for beginners that will allow you to have a more stable platform.
  • There is no learning curve. You get better as soon as you start riding this foil.
  • The mast has a tapered design so that it is wide and super stiff at the top and narrower with some flex at the bottom. This allows it to absorb vibrations and it helps you get shorter radius turns.
  • Armstrong pulled in experts from the Team New Zealand America's Cup foil design team as well as Robbie Wittall from Ozone kites to work on the foil designs and create their proprietary carbon lay ups.
  • All the hardware is high end stainless steel and these screws turn into titanium. This means that there will be no corrosion ever. You can leave it together for as long as you want and it won't corrode. Also the stainless going into titanium has a little more bite so the screws won't wiggle loose.
  • The wing covers and travel case are so simple and well thought out. They are super functional and simple.
What We Don't Like
  • These foils are expensive. You get what you pay for and it is worth spending up to get an Armstrong.
  • There are two different size tail wing screws that differ by 2mm. The diagram on the instruction sheet in the case very clearly shows this but some have been thrown off so double check the screw length.
Why You Want an Armstrong Foil

The 1600 is a no nonsense big and easy surf foil. This is an excellent beginner foil for most sized riders in small waves and the front wing is big enough for down wind gliding and pumping. No matter your ability level, you can appreciate the Armstrong Foils. They learned what fails on all other foils and have taken the time to address these issues with precision quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vic Velasco
Great foil!

I've surfed with Go Foils and Slingshot foils and they are good, but I just got on a CF1600 and this is a completely different experience. The biggest advantage over the Go Foil Iwa - I can push the CF1600 and it won't breach - now I just ride and I don't have to think about whether I'm getting the foil too close to the surface. The Go Foil mast does not seem to flex as much so I find myself turning the Iwa (Kai tail) harder than I can on the CF1600 - this may change over time as I use the CF1600 more. The other big difference is how the initial lift come on - with the Iwa it is full blast immediately - tons of front foot pressure during takeoff or you're blowing up. The CF1600 waits for me to pop the tail - then it lifts and off I go. The "back foot" emphasis carries on through the entire ride (I can feel my back foot jammed up against the kick pad - that never happened on the Go Foil). Comparing to the Slingshot Infinity 76, the weight difference is the driver - night and day. Once up on foil, I can ride longer and farther on the CF1600. But in strong currents, the extra weight helps the Infinity 76. There is also zero flex on the Slingshot aluminum mast and I feel more connected to what it is doing (compared to the Armstrong and the Go Foil). Fighting corrosion I take the Slingshot apart every other session. I have not done anything but rinse the other two. All three are great foils and they have their high points, but the Armstrong is just SO nice and easy.

Matt Nuzzo
Works for prone foil too

I have been really impressed with the Armstrong product. I have been predominantly surf foiling the 1200 and decided to take the 1600 out on some small days. This wing is a lot thicker and bigger than the 1200.

I was expecting the 1600 to buck me off the board but was presently surprised. At 170 lbs this wing in theory is too but for prone foil surfing but it totally works. First wave had a very general lift and I was on foil by the time I got to my feet. Most other big wings I have tried to surf just buck you right off. This had a smooth take off and really general glide.

Like all Armstrongs it is crazy stable and easy to ride. Pumping is super easy on this wing too.

Compared to the 1200, the 1600 is slower riding and not as fast rail to rail but all he user-friendliness is still there. You get on foil faster and stay on foil longer than the 1200 but you do lose some of the performance.

If you are a bigger rider, using a sup or want to foil in small surf the CF1600 is a great option.

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