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This builder is an alternate way to shop for your Armstrong A+ complete foil kit. Think of it as a guided tour to getting all the parts you want rather than buying a stock Armstrong A+ foil kit.

Each step includes details to help you make your selections. Pricing and inventory are pulled directly from REAL's live inventory.

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This builder is an alternate way to shop for your Armstrong A+ foil package. Think of it as a guided tour instead of having to find everything on your own in the shop.

Each step includes details to help you make your selections. Pricing and inventory are pulled directly from the live shop.

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Step 1. Mast
The Armstrong modular design means that each mast is interchangeable with the fuselage and wing desired. Select your mast below.
Step 2. Fuselage
The new TC A+System Fuselage connection is taking compatibility, strength and durability into the future. Select your fuselage below.
Step 3. Front Wing
Select an option from either the (1) Carving Freeride, (2) High Speed, (3) Mid Aspect, or (4) High Aspect front wing. Scroll down to review all options then make your selection.
Step 4. Tail Wing
The tail wing is like the fins on your surfboard and can be changed out for different conditions or riding styles. Select your tail wing below.
Step 5. Accessories
The Torx Tool, Screw Set and Bag will lock your system together, help keep it protected, and make this a complete kit. Add them to your cart below or skip this step. **All mast, front and back wings come complete with wing covers.
6. Complete

Armstrong A+ System Mast

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From $599.99 to $925.99
  • 45cm: Ideal for learning or very shallow water, reef and sandbar riding.
  • 60cm: Great mast for progression and shallower waters.
  • 72cm: Ideal all-around length for all foil sports. Stock mast size for most kits.
  • 85cm: Best for winging or kiting in choppy deep-water conditions..
  • 100cm: Perfect size for extreme conditions and high speed kiting, towing or winging.



Armstrong A+ Performance Mast

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From $1,349.99 to $1,599.99
  • The Performance 795 works as an all around mast size for prone, sup, wing, wake and down wind foiling.
  • The Performance 935 is targeting performance winging, kite foiling and towing.
  • The Performance 1035 is best for high speed kite foiling or towing monster surf.


Armstrong A+ System TC Fuselage

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  • The TC50 allows maximum maneuverability for ripping surfers, kiters and wingers.
  • The TC60 is the perfect blend of maneuverability, stability and pumping. Stock fuselage for most kits.
  • The TC70 gives you a locked in feel with maximum pitch stability and stiffer turning. Best for beginners to intermediates.


Armstrong A+ System High Aspect (HA) Front Wing

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From $749.99 to $929.99

Building on the legacy of Armstrong's first HA foils initially released in 2021, the new HA range offers an unprecedented combination of rippability, easy pumping and endless glide that expands the potential of intermediate to expert surf, downwind and wing foilers.

  • The HA580: This wing is designed to push experienced riders' limits as far as possible. Experienced riders will enjoy this size for both wing foiling and towing.
  • The HA680: This is a light rider's high-performance winging, surf foiling, and towing dream front wing. Expert level surf foilers looking to connect with big waves while still enjoying a low stall speed and maneuverability will find the answer in the HA680. This wing also excels in medium to large towing conditions and experienced-level wing foiling.
  • The HA780: A performance surf foil and winging front wing for medium weight riders. Intermediate to advanced surf foilers will enjoy this wing in mid size waves, or when conditions call for more drive and speed down the line. Advanced wingers can also rely on this front wing as their go-to for a sporty and fast feel.
  • The HA880: The magic size of the line-up. It boasts an exceptional amount of glide and rippability for all disciplines. Intermediate to advanced surf foilers and wingers will enjoy this wing as their go-to front wing. Imagine the MA1000 and the HA925 having a baby with a lower bottom end - that's the HA880.
  • The HA980: The all-around foil for lighter weight riders riding at an intermediate level. For heavier weight riders (above 200lb), this wing is your performance surf foil or winging front wing, still carrying the same glide and maneuverability lighter riders utilize on the smaller sizes.
  • The HA1080: Everyone's hero foil for small days. This is the first HA front wing for most people and allows a wide range of skill abilities to get out on the water. Surf foilers will love this wing for summer bumps, wingers can use this for smaller/lighter days, downwinders will appreciate the incredible low end and glide - heck, this wing even works for dock starts!
  • The HA1180: The do-it-all wing that intermediate foilers will love. Tailored more for heavier riders, this wing is designed to perform in all disciplines - downwind, dock starts, wing foiling and surf foiling without sacrificing maneuverability to do so.



Armstrong A+ System Mid Aspect Front Wing

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From $719.99 to $979.99

The Armstrong Mid Aspect takes everything we've learned from the HS, HA and CFV2 ranges and delivers a truly next-gen combination of glide, low stall speed, intuitive carving and instantaneous breach recovery. These foils offer the best of all worlds to experienced riders in every foil sport.



Armstrong A+ System Pump Foil APF Front Wing

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From $949.99 to $999.99

The Armstrong Pump Foil (APF) range redefines pump foiling potential with its ultra-low stall speeds, incredible stability and high efficiency to take you further with less effort than ever. If you’re just learning or already seasoned, a forgiving foil that helps keep you flying makes all the difference when building your pumping skills. The APF’s outline shape, straight leading edge and high camber foil section offer quick acceleration and a relaxed, efficient pumping cadence optimized for exploring flat water or cruising effortlessly on micro bumps.

  • APF1675: Ideal for riders under 200lb progressing from their first flights to more advanced pump foiling. Recommended with the Pump 202 Tail Wing
  • APF1880: Next level glide for expert pump foilers over 200lb or progressing riders under 200lb. Recommended with the Pump 202 Tail Wing



Armstrong A+ System Carving Freeride V2 Front Wing

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From $549.99 to $799.99

The Armstrong Carving Freeride series was designed to be the easiest to ride foil on the market. These wings are low aspect with plenty of low-speed lift and stability.

  • The CFv2 950 is building steam amongst kiters as the kite foil that will hold up in crazy conditions with turbulent waters. The unique design of this front wing gives the rider a lot of control even in the messiest of waters. This is also the high-performance wake foil of choice.
  • The CFv2 1200 is a great starter kit for the recreational surfer, kiter or wake surfer wanting a foil that has easy low speed lift. It can handle the occasional higher gust and bigger set wave. The CFv2 1200 has complete comfort and control so you can progress your skills.
  • The CFv2 1600 makes wake foil, surf foil, wing foil, or kite foil accessible to everyone. This is the ultimate in all around foils for riders 140 pounds or more.
  • The CFv2 2050 is the go-to foil for learning to wing surf and larger riders surf, sup or wake foiling. If you are into wake foiling and want to ride wakes 4, 5 or 6 wakes behind the boat or dock start then the CFv2 2050 is the choice. This foil is like having training wheels to learn to wing foil or wake foil due to the extreme stability and excellent low speed lift.



Armstrong A+ System HS High Speed Front Wing

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From $299.99 to $499.99

The Armstrong High Speed series is designed for user-friendly performance foiling. These Armstrong wings are mid aspect design with a thinner profile and wider span for higher performance.

  • The HS625 is designed for top speed tow or kite foiling. This foil needs to have forward speed in the teens to get on foil and has top speeds well into the 30s. You can chop off the flipped up tips to reduce the stability and increase the speed.
  • The HS850 is the ultimate foil for recreational performance kite foiling. The wider span of the mid aspect HS850 gives it a lot of stability combined with a lower stall speed than the HS625. This foil is amazing surf foiling in bigger waves or smaller surf with smaller riders.
  • The HS1050 is the lowest aspect foil in the HS range that was designed for in the pocket performance surfing. The thin profile allows you to get high speeds while ripping down the line. The lower aspect shape gives the rider a lot of stability for fast rail to rail foil surfing. The HS1050 has also become a fan favorite for recreational kite foiling or towing on smaller waves.
  • The HS1250 was designed for performance surf and winging. This is a mid-aspect foil that has a lot of glide yet still engages rail to rail turns with ease. The thinner profile offers you a lot of speed and control in all foiling conditions.
  • The HS1550 V2 is the most user-friendly wing in the HS line that has something for everyone. This wing excels at wing foiling, wake foiling, pumping, windsurf foiling and surf foiling small to medium sizes waves. The V2 1550 has a wide wingspan so you get a glide and pump that is similar to the HA1125 just in a much easier to ride foil with a lower stall speed. The great news is that this wing rolls rail to rail and turns amazingly well.
  • The HS1850 is the ultimate wake foiling wing for riding right behind the boat or multiple wakes back. This is also a great choice for wing foiling since it has amazing low-end lift but can still handle higher end speeds. If you are surfing tiny waves and want to learn to pump, the HS1850 has enough glide and forward speed to get you going and keep your learning curve vertical.



Armstrong A+ System High Aspect Front Wing

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The Armstrong High Aspect line of foils is designed for top tier performance with the ultimate glide and speed. The A+ High Aspect foils have better low speed lift, turning and ease of use than any other high aspect foils on the market. Recommended for intermediate to advanced riders.

  • The HA725 will push your progression to the limit. For experienced wingers and kiters there is no comparison, it makes tacking so fun as the speed and glide drive you through maneuvers. Combine this with amazing upwind angles and the riding never stops.
  • The HA925 is the silver bullet for performance wing, surf, and downwind foiling. The HA925 turns better than any high aspect wings we have tested, and the glide is on point. It is as if the HS1050 and HA1125 made a baby and the HA925 was born.
  • The HA1125 is magical for wing foiling as you attain better upwind and downwind performance than you could imagine on a wing. The pumping capability for surf foiling is second to none and for open faced turns it rolls rail to rail remarkably well for this wide of a wing.
  • The HA1325 has freakish light wind performance and next level pump and glide if you want to double dip or link up micro swells, this wing just keeps on going.


Armstrong A+ System Tail Wing

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From $249.99 to $279.99
  • The HA195 is cutting edge in terms of aspect ratio, thickness and anhedral. Combined with our HA wings the result is a smoother faster flowing ride with more speed, glide and precise handling. This effectively further increases the already outstanding performance and maneuverability of the HA foils.
  • The CF300 V2 has undergone a makeover for the V2 that allows the rider to feel more stability and a greater speed range. The V2 has a thinner profile and the tips have been flattened out. This tail wing is best for beginner to intermediate riders that want to have maximum stability.
  • The HS232 V2 has had similar updates to the CF300 with a thinner profile and flatter tips. You will find this tail wing a lot faster and smoother through the water than the previous version. As you continue to advance, you can chop off the tips and make it a 212 for a fast and loose feel.
  • The FV200 has been designed with some secret carbon lay ups that give you an ultra rigid wing in the center with flexible tips. The swept back V shape gives you a lot of stability for a tail wing this small. The added flex and super thin profile have a buttery smooth ride through the water. This tail wing will increase the performance of any foil in the Armstrong line up.
  • The Surf 205 is a highly Maneuverable stabiliser that enables tight and critical turns in the pocket. This design is derived from the low aspect HS212 (chopped HS232) which dedicated surf foilers found to be the ticket for foil surfing. The Surf 205 builds on that with refinements to the foil section, planform and thickness to unlock the most freedom on the wave.
  • The Flow 235’s name says it all! It’s smooth and predictable, inspiring your confidence and flow. Building on the much-loved HS232, this stabiliser adds a new section for consistent pitch stability, an increased projected aspect ratio and a refined planform to deliver an easy and free feeling ride. If you enjoy several foiling disciplines and want one stabiliser to cover them all, the Flow 235 is for you.


Armstrong Torx T30 Hand Driver Tool

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Armstrong A+ System Foil Screw Set

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Armstrong Foil Bag

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