Armstrong A+ System Carving Freeride V2 Front Wing

by Armstrong • SKU CF950V2A
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From Armstrong

The CF V2’s all around user friendliness appeals to both beginners seeking a foundation for progression and experienced riders pushing their boundaries. Low stall speeds combined with excellent pitch stability provide control and increased flying time across a variety of foiling sports.

Package Includes
  • Front Wing with Cover
  • Screw Set

The Armstrong Carving Freeride CFv2 series was designed to be the easiest to ride foil on the market. These wings are low aspect with plenty of low-speed lift and stability. The updated CFv2 design has a thinner profile and flatter span that allows you to ride at higher speeds with more glide and increased precision on your turns. These are foils that you will never grow out of.

CFv2 950

The CFv2 950 is building steam amongst kiters as the kite foil that will hold up in crazy conditions with turbulent waters. The unique design of this front wing gives the rider a lot of control even in the messiest of waters. This is also the high-performance wake foil of choice.

CFv2 1200

The CFv2 1200 is a great starter kit for the recreational surfer, kiter or wake surfer wanting a foil that has easy low speed lift. It can handle the occasional higher gust and bigger set wave. The CFv2 1200 has complete comfort and control so you can progress your skills.

CFv2 1600

The CFv2 1600 makes wake foil, surf foil, wing foil, or kite foil accessible to everyone. This is the ultimate in all around foils for riders 140 pounds or more.

CFv2 2050

The CFv2 2050 is the go-to foil for learning to wing surf and larger riders surf, sup or wake foiling. If you are into wake foiling and want to ride wakes 4, 5 or 6 wakes behind the boat or dock start then the CFv2 2050 is the choice. This foil is like having training wheels to learn to wing foil or wake foil due to the extreme stability and excellent low speed lift.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chad S.
Time to downsize to the CF1600 V2!

I started my foil journey on the CF2050 V2. This front wing is definitely the go-to wing for beginners and for light wind days. It’s super stable and pops up on foil with ease!
With just over 30 sessions on the CF 2050 I decided to downsize to the CF1600 and I’m super impressed!
The 1600 like its big brother is also super stable, comes up on foil nice and smooth BUT it turns so much faster! My first thought on foil was “it feels more skate boardy” if that makes sense. I found myself wanting to foil surf the chop in the bay. Super fun!
The 1600 also has a nice stable glide to it. I’m practicing my pump foiling and this glide is definitely making it easier to learn.
I’m still not 100% on all my jibes but I find that the 1600 turns and glides smooth which gives me more confidence in my jibe learning process.
Give the CF1600 a shot…. You’ll love it!

CFv2 950 is insane for kitefoiling

Have had a couple insane sessions on the 950. This wing is so carvy and controlled. I am normally riding the HS1050 and I had no adjustment to the cf950. Only performance increases. Better speed, more control and much more turny. The 1050 might have a touch more bottom need but I didn’t really notice much difference.

Paul Cronin
Great updated foils

We have all Armstrong gear. Started with 132 ltr FG boards and 2400 foil. What a perfect learning tool. Then added the new 1600 and 2050 front foils on our now smaller 99 ltr and 88 ltr FG boards with a 85 cm mast option keeping the 72 cm.
All the gear is amazing and the big gear gets you flying sooner and learning faster.

The 2050 and 1600 are so smooth and make you just want to turn and play. I love both of them. But the 2400 is still the light air beast. We tested a few days and the 2400 gets out of the water in about 3+ kts of wind less than the 2050. Makes sense at 350 sq-cm more, and thicker. So we are keeping all three front foils. And we sold the big boards after 40 days on them. Worth every penny and they sell quick.

Real Watersports are the. best by far; Knowledge, friendly, and Chris with his videos is so helpful, thanks Chris. Keep up the great work, you have two long term repeat customers, and we spread the word.
Now get out on the water.

The ultimate lineup for starting to foil

I've been riding the new CF V2 lineup this past month and have been very impressed. Another great addition to the Armstrong lineup.

CF950 V2
Great for Kite foiling on. It feels very stable and quick without being a very fast wing that can be tricky to use. If you like the stability and ease of use of the CF1200 or CF1200 V2, but want something a little faster then the CF950 V2 is great.

CF1200 V2
Perfect wing for kite foiling in lighter winds. This one has lots of easy early lift on it, so it can get you going in very light winds. Very stable and easy to kite on!

CF1600 V2
I have really been enjoying this for wing foiling. Gets going in light wind easily, but then still works well when fully powered up. For winging its quick and nimble enough to have a lot of fun on, but still very stable so you can work on new things and continue your progression. This wing is also great for behind the boat for wake foiling, or just learning to foil on Day 1.

CF2050 V2
This is the place to start your Wing Foiling journey on. This thing makes learning SOOOOO easy! It gets on foil with very little effort and its so stable it feels like your on solid ground. This is perfect for learning to wing. Also good for an intermediate winger on super light wind days. I've also used this one for wake foiling and flat water pumping. It pumps super well and goes forever. It feels like it has less drag than the previous CF2400, so it lets you pump farther before burning your legs.

Chris Rutledge
Butter smooth!!

Jumped on the new CF1600 V2 for a wing session and was immediately impressed how quick it got onto foil. Came up really easy and smooth, and was very stable. Usually the bigger wings can be slower but I was able to go as fast as I wanted it to. Wing felt really good carving on the faces of the swell and really stable in transitions and toeside riding. I wouldn't hesitate to add this one to the quiver or get it for learning to foil with. Would be great for winging, bigger person kite foiling, prone surf, or behind the boat. The quality of design and construction that you would expect from Armstrong.

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