Armstrong A+ System Mid Aspect Front Wing

by Armstrong • SKU MA625
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From Armstrong

MA takes everything we’ve learned from the HS, HA and CFV2 ranges and delivers a truly next-gen combination of glide, low stall speed, intuitive carving and instantaneous breach recovery. These foils offer the best of all worlds to experienced riders in every foil sport.

  • Stellar Glide and Acceleration - A specially tuned leading edge shape gives MA foils stellar glide and highly responsive acceleration. They’re a dream to pump when connecting wave sets, downwinding in open ocean swell, or riding way back on a boat wake.
  • Low End Lift and Broad Speed Range - Thanks to its high camber foil section, the MA range delivers a unique blend of lift at low speeds yet retains excellent controllability at the top end. This makes getting onto foil and pumping easier while reducing your chances of being “over foiled” in big conditions.
  • Fluid Carving - There’s nothing better than feeling connected to the foil through a turn, which is why we’ve designed the MA foils to deliver seamless and intuitive control through the full range of bank angles
  • Lightning Fast Ventilation Recovery - From breaching a wingtip in the surf to landing an air, the MA range handles ventilation with ease. A fine leading edge section and tuned wingtip inflection allow for quick flow reattachment after a breach, making these foils the perfect platform for practising aerials or ripping the hardest turns of your foiling journey.
MA625 Specification
  • Projected Area : 625cm
  • Span : 690mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7.62
  • Angle Relative to Fuselage : 1.5deg
MA800 Specification
  • Projected Area : 800cm
  • Span : 765mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7.32
  • Angle Relative to Fuselage : 1.5deg
MA1000 Specification
  • Projected Area : 1000cm
  • Span : 850mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7.23
  • Angle Relative to Fuselage : 1.5deg
MA1225 Specification
  • Projected Area : 1225cm
  • Span : 935mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7.14
  • Angle Relative to Fuselage : 1.5deg
MA1475 Specification
  • Projected Area : 1475cm
  • Span : 1050mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7.5
  • Angle Relative to Fuselage : 1.5deg
MA1750 Specification
  • Projected Area : 1750cm
  • Span : 1152mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7.58
  • Angle Relative to Fuselage : 1.5deg
Package Includes
  • Carbon front wing
  • Front wing cover

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
MA Rips!!

The MA 1225 is my go-to foil for most of my wing sessions, especially when I want to get a bit of speed and practice airs. I usually pair it with a 60 fuse, a 232 flow tail, and a 72 mast. It's quick and nimble through the water, giving me the option to keep turns buttery smooth or quick and snappy. With a surprisingly low stall speed, the foil maintains glide exceptionally well and gives a lot of front foot feedback to help you place your foil just where you want it beneath the surface of the water, whether you're pumping, gliding, or finding that perfect pocket on the swell. My first few rides on it felt "twitchy" but as I got used to it, I really appreciated the ventilation recovery capabilities of the foil. An unintentional breach that would have ended my ride previously was now just a minor speed bump. This same quality opened up the door for jumping for me as well, since the foil re-enters the water with minimal bubbles clinging to the clean shape, it gets right back up to a glide instantly after landing.
I've also had the chance to try the MA 1475 for a few light wind sessions and found it to be an awesome ride as well. The wider wingspan took a moment to get used to, but it turns exceptionally well compared to other foils I've tried in similar sizes/shapes from other companies.
Overall, I've really enjoyed having this addition to my quiver of foils and would highly recommend the MA line.

Austin Waclo
MA 1000 Ultimate kite foiling progression

The MA 1000 is the perfect wing for kiters looking to progress into kite foiling. With an incredibly slow lift speed, you will be able to master water starts without worrying about stalling the wing. Pair it with the Armstrong WKT 137 and you will have plenty of board to get on plane and effortlessly glide on to foil. Once you have mastered riding both way, this wing still allows you to push into higher speeds and still remain incredibly stable as well as keeping you of foil on the low end with learning your tacks and jibes.
One of the main struggles of learning to kite foil is always breaching the wing and having to start over. With the new MA series, cavitation is a thing of the past. Whether it be a wingtip or the entire wing, the MA series recovers immediately and keeps you riding.

Austin Waclo
MA 800 Perfect intermediate kite wing

After kiting all of the MA wings from the 625-1225, The MA 800 is definitely my go to daily driver for kite foiling. Even in 10mph, the MA 800 has very user friendly low speed lift for the water start and then an incredibly smooth ride for higher speeds once you are up and riding. Paired with the incredible breach recovery of the entire MA line, the MA 800 is the perfect wing for kite foilers that are looking to upgrade to something a bit faster but still has the low end performance in lighter winds.

Austin Waclo
MA625 Rocket ship

Hands down the fastest wing I have ever kited. After loving the speed of the HA 725 front wing, the MA 625 is a complete upgrade. Faster speeds, very reasonable low speed lift for such a small wing, less wing span to allow for more angle, and the most important, the recovery from breaching a wingtip.
After riding the HS and HA wings for the past few years, pushing the top speed of these wings was always fun but if you let the wingtip come out of the water, the speed run was over and you had to shed the bubble. With the new MA wings, even at speeds of 30+ mph, the wing recovers flawlessly and allows you to push the wing as hard as you want without worry of cavitation. Pair it with the new Armstrong Performance 1035, you'll be ready for the olympics!

MA1225 Winging Machine

I've been using the MA1225 wing, coming from the HS1250, and I absolutely love it! It offers significantly more glide and speed without compromising maneuverability, unlike some of the larger HA wings.

I've also found that it performs well on both larger and smaller days, as it doesn't generate excessive lift and can keep up with smaller rollers. To fully unlock its potential, I highly recommend pairing this wing with one of the new tail wings, such as the Surf 205 or the Speed 180.

Moreover, the MA1225 is excellent for prone surf foiling based on the few sessions I've had with it. I'm excited to spend more time using it, as it has noticeably improved my pumping technique and ability to catch smaller waves while on the foil.

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