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The Big 3 / How to Choose the Right Size Surfboard

Design, Volume and Dimensions

When choosing your next surfboard, you need to consider "The BIG 3". (1) Design. (2) Volume. (3) Dimensions. In that order. Whether you're looking for a groveler, hybrid, shortboard or even a noserider, these are always the characteristics and the order to consider before pulling the trigger on your next stick.

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How to Choose the Right Fins

With a Few Basic Questions

Rocking up to a solidly stocked fin wall can be daunting, to say the least. It’s no wonder many surfers shy away from trying to figure it out, never knowing what they’re missing. Flip the board over and tackle the fin equation. This fin article isn’t about “teching out” — it’s about finding an easy way to the right fins that will improve your surfing. Ask yourself the following questions to help narrow your fin choices from hundreds to just a few.

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Performance Fins Explained - Part 1

Why You Should Upgrade

What’s the BIG DEAL? Why do performance fins make such a BIG difference on your surfboard? We get this question all the time. Here are three basic reasons why you should consider upgrading your fins from “stock plastics” to the “performance” honeycomb, fiberglass, or carbon versions.

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Performance Fins Explained - Part 2

Size, Template, and Construction

This simple three step process will help you choose the right performance fins for your new rip stick.

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How to Choose a Longboard

Carving, Cross-Stepping, and Noseriding

Over the past several seasons, the surfing world has been focused on shortboards and hybrids, now it’s time to dig into the tech and questions asked and answered every day at REAL with regards to longboards.

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Sizing for Women, Girls, and Smaller Surfers

Insights from a REAL Shredder

Wider, thicker, shorter. Can everyone and every board go this direction? With so many girls and smaller-framed surfers getting into the water, we thought it would be a good idea to share the board choice knowledge that helps keep this group ripping on the water.

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How to Choose the Right Board for Hurricane Swell

Surfboards That Control Speed

You’ve spent all summer creating speed and looking for boards that help you create even more speed. Now that fall and winter are right around the corner and hurricane swell season is on the doorstep, it’s time to talk about boards that CONTROL speed.

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Roadmap to Surf Foiling

You Need a Surf Foil

The hype is REAL. Surf foiling is here to stay, and it is a lot more attainable than you might think. You won’t be ripping third reef Pipe with Kai Lenny on your first day but with the right plan of attack and the right gear you will be out there gliding down the wave face in no time.

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