Roadmap to Surf Foiling

The hype is REAL.  Surf foiling is here to stay, and it is a lot more attainable than you might think.  You won’t be ripping third reef Pipe with Kai Lenny on your first day but with the right plan of attack and the right gear you will be out there gliding down the wave face in no time.

Every surfer already has half of the gear they need sitting in their garage.

You definitely have a board you don’t surf anymore. Either you had too many beers and gained weight or you just don’t like the outdated shape.  Take the fins out of this board and stick on a Foilmount and voila you have your new foilboard. The Foilmount fits any board and can be removed if you ever want to surf your old board again.

Now you need a surf foil.

The surf foils are the most versatile hydro foils on the market. The wings are extra large and have ton of lift for getting on foil at low speeds.  You can virtually put any board on a surf foil and have fun with it. They work for surfing, wake surfing, SUP, and kiteboarding.

Key Attributes of a Surf Foil:

  • Mid-length mast between 21-28” that keeps you from coming too high out of the water and reduces the wipe outs.
  • Low aspect front wing gives you lots of lift at low speeds.
  • Modular so you can easily change masts, wings, and mounting plate or box.
  • User-Friendly design that is easy to progress on.

Your first sessions should be behind a ski or a boat in flat water.

The last thing you want to do is paddle out in a crowded line up and try to catch waves on a foilboard.   You will probably hurt yourself and someone else in the process.  Learn to ride the foil behind a boat.  It doesn’t take much of a boat to get going on a foilboard.  Check out REAL Team Rider James Jenkins behind a 12’ Jon Boat with an 8hp engine.

Once you get the basics of riding the foil, try it out in small surf.

Even if you are a hot surfer, paddling with a foil below you will take a little time getting used to it.  Find a beach with small soft waves and get used to paddling around and taking off on small uncrowded waves.

Rip the shoulder of the wave harder than you ever have before.

Surfing has always been about staying in the pocket of the wave. Now with the foilboard everyone is way out on the shoulder gliding away.  It is funny how times change, but carving a foil out on the open face of a wave will have as frothed out about 1’ waves as you were the first time you went surfing.

Learn more in "Introducing the Surf Foil"

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