Road Map to Kiteboarding

Do you want to learn to kiteboard? Do you have a friend that wants to learn how to kiteboard? Follow the REAL Road Map to Kiteboarding and you will be on the water in no time. Our Zero to Hero Instructional Video mirrors our on water camp program that we teach here in Cape Hatteras. Start learning today. Trainer kites allow you to safely learn the basics of kite flying, the wind window and the power zone. Plus they’re fun to fly in any open space with you, your friends and family. Nothing beats focused time on the water with a professional REAL Kite Coach. If you’re looking for the best conditions, coaches and facility, look no further. Once you have your foundation skills, it’s time to practice them on your own. The REAL Kiteboarding Gear Package is comprised of the best gear on the market that will progress with you and last the long haul.
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