James Jenkins on the new Armstrong MA Series Foils

The Armstrong MA800 has quickly become my favorite foil I have ever ridden. It has such a surfy feeling on the wave and combined with the new Performance Mast, it is the most connected I have felt to a foil before. I am currently on a trip to a few different places and wanted to minimize the amount of gear I had to haul. The MA800 works great for me in prone and winging so by having one setup that works in everything it reduces the amount of other wings I needed to bring on the trip.

It was an epic week in Puerto Rico staying at the REAL house (Villa Sessions) with great foiling right out the back. The swell was nothing crazy, but each day was a fun chest-shoulder high wave with minimal wind. We had some fun glassy morning prone foil and surf sessions, and then the wind came up one afternoon for a little wing sesh! Heading to the Caribbean now and excited to keep riding the MA800 down there.

-James Jenkins


Armstrong Gear in this video:

Prone Clips:

Wing Clips:


Filmed by Nick Skarin (@nick_skarin)

If you have more questions on the Armstrong MA line, contact a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at REALpro@realwatersports.com.

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