REAL Kiteboarding Complete Gear Package

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Product Information

REAL Review

The REAL Kiteboarding Complete Gear Package was designed to get you high quality kiteboarding equipment that will be the building blocks for your kiteboarding career. Rather than buying a mixed match pile of used gear that may or may not work properly, you can buy a full kit of brand new kiteboarding gear for the price of used.

REAL partnered with Liquid Force to develop a product range that has been tried and tested in the REAL Lesson Center. This gear package is easy to learn on and will be the backbone of your quiver as you progress. All items included are top quality equipment that have a 1 year manufactures warranty.

Package Items Included:
  • REAL Solo 7, 9, 12 or 15m Kite
  • Deluxe Kite Bag
  • Edge 136, Edge 146, Drive 140 or Overdrive 148cm Board
  • Phase Foot Straps
  • Board, Fins and Handle
  • Liquid Force V2 Mission Control 49-55cm Bar
  • Kite Leash
  • Liquid Force 2L Pump
The REAL LF Solo Kite:
  • Huge wind range with gradual on and off power makes for easy riding
  • Easy to ride upwind
  • Effortless water relaunch
  • Max Flow inflation system
  • Light weight single strut frame makes this kite great for foilboarding
Choose Your Board:
  • Edge 136 and 146cm are durable, affordable and very easy to ride. 136cm is best for 160 lbs. riders or smaller. 146cm is best for larger riders or beginners.
  • Drive 140cm is a high quality wood core construction with enough rocker and bottom shape to cut through chop. This board is fast, can jump well and rockets upwind. Best for riders 175 lbs or smaller. Riders bigger than 175 lbs can ride this board if they are intermediate kiteboarders.
  • Overdrive 148cm has the same high quality construction as the Drive and it is wider with a flatter rocker line. This provides a larger planing surface to make learning really easy. This board can also double as a light wind board as you improve. Best for riders 175 lbs and larger or a lighter beginner that wants a big board for easy learning/light wind.
  • All boards come with the Liquid Force Phase Footstraps that are adjustable from a size 7 women to size 13 men's.
Liquid Force Mission Control Bar V2 49-55cm:
  • Premium safety system that clicks back in with one hand
  • Kite leash included
  • Plastic coated center line that won't wear out
  • LF 4 Line Set with 23m colored lines that can be shortened to 20m
  • Kook proof pig tails make sure you attach your lines to your kite properly
  • Adjustable bar end allows you to shorten the bar for smaller kites
  • Skinny bar with comfortable grip
Liquid Force 2L Pump:
  • Double action pump that fills your kite up fast
  • Max Flow valve included
What We Like
  • The Solo has a ton of low end power per size. This really helps get beginners up and going.
  • You won't grow out of this kite as it jumps easily, is great for onshore wave riding and is an excellent kite for foil boarding.
  • There is a board to hit every price and ability range the work well. The Edge is a basic board that tracks upwind well and is easy to ride. The Drive and Overdrive have flex and a great template for progressing and all around ripping.
  • The Mission Control V2 bar, lines and safety system are state of the art. The control bar is where most beginner errors occur. By going with a high quality new bar, you will avoid a lot of kite flying issues like improper kite tune or worse off a safety system that doesn't work when you punch out.
  • The REAL Kiteboarding Complete Gear Package is the foundation for building your kiteboarding quiver. All of this equipment is easy to start on and you won't grow out of it.
What We Don't Like
  • We have seen a lot of people go the wrong direction and buy used parts and pieces of gear to get into kiteboarding. They struggle because the used equipment they got doesn't work properly together. We made the REAL Kiteboarding Complete Gear Package to solve this problem.
  • The Phase Footstraps can be difficult to install on your board the first time because the foot straps are stiff when they come out of the packaging. If you undo the velcro straps and open them up, they are a lot easier to put on the board and they quickly break in to be really comfortable.
  • The Edge board is on the heavier side because of the type of construction. The weight doesn't really hold you back until you start jumping and this board is bomb proof.
  • The Solo kite can flap when you are really overpowered on it because it only has one strut. We found out that the flapping does not negatively effect the performance of the kite, but it actually helps set the kite a little deeper in the window. This makes it more stable in gusty conditions.
Why You Want This Board:

This complete kiteboarding package has a ton of value for what you pay. You will get new gear for the price of used and have no hassle. If you want to expedite your learning curve, talk to a REAL Pro and have them dial in the right size kite and board for your ability, size and location.

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