Takuma V100 Surf Foil

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Product Information

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What's Included:

-XL Takuma Carbon Front and Back Wings
-60cm (23.65") Aluminum Mast
-65cm (25.6") Aluminum Fuselage
-Removable Pedestal Mast Base
-Padded Foil Bag
-Foil and Board Mounting hardware included

Weight: 13Lbs

The Takuma V100 has a gigantic front wing. This allows you to come up on foil at slower speeds than any other foil on the market. This is important because you get on foil with less effort. Once you are on foil, you stay there. This foil is EASY to ride and known as one of the easiest foils to get on foil on the market.

The wings are heavy and really durable. This foil is built to last. You can beat the tar out of the Takuma, and it will take the licks and keep on going. Once you are on foil you won't notice the weight, but they sure feel heavy carrying them around. They are so easy to foil you stop caring about the weight once you are gliding across the water.

How the Takuma V100 Surf surfs:

If you want easy foiling then the Takuma is the ticket. You will get and stay on foil at lower forward speed than any other foil in the market. You need just a little push from the wave and you are up and riding. The Takuma is ultra stable and turns quite well when you are on foil.

The big front wing is easy to get on foil but creates more drag. When you paddle the Takuma around, you feel the drag while the foil is in the water. You come up so easily that all the drag washes away once you are on foil.

How Takuma V100 Surf kiteboards:

The Takuma was a little tricky our first few tacks kiting it. It creates so much lift that you need to stay over your front foot when you are water starting. With the pedestal base we found that we would slide the mast toward the tail of the board to get more leverage over the foil.

Doing transitions on the Takuma is really easy since you can stay on foil under 10mph with almost no effort. If you will be trying tricks, there is a lot of weight so it can get tricky.

How the Takuma V100 Surf wakeboards:

Taking it slow is the name of the game with the Takuma. A driver that is easy on the throttle is needed. You can almost get on foil at trolling speed with this foil. Out in the wake, the Takuma feels cruisy and turns well.

Why you want the Takuma V100 Surf Foil:

This foil is so easy that you will learn to foil. The durability is a big factor too as you will smash the bottom, drop it or do something stupid and the Takuma will handle it all. Most people are willing to trade off a little weight and top end performance for ease of use and a product that will last.


V100 FOIL, the easiest all round hydro-foil available on the market

The brand new Takuma V100 foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a massive stability and the best low speed lift ever, The V100 is the easiest foil on the market. One all round hydro foil to do everything! Surf, Sup,and also wind sports like Kitesurf, Windsurf and Windsup for the ultimate downwind experience ! The foil concave and it’s compact shape is the best combination to fly easily and as early as possible

•Anodized Mast aluminium 60cm
•Front Carbon Wing (59cm x 26cm)
•Fuselage anodized aluminium 65cm
•Carbon stabilizer (38cm x 11cm)
•Top plate 4 points board attachment into 2 US Boxes ( Universal size : 9cm x 16,5cm)

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