Ocean Rodeo Glide 1.0 A Series Wing

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From Ocean Rodeo

We took everything we learned while developing our A-Series kite range and all the technological advancements and opportunities that the ALUULA composite material provides and implemented them into the A-Series wing design.

When we first revealed the ALUULA material to the public, there was reasonable and valid debate as to whether the hype would really match up to the material’s potential, and to the performance levels that we were promising. Happily, as we’re now hearing from every corner of the planet as more and more people put ALUULA to the test, the hype has lived up to our expectations, and then some…

Lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more responsive than the competition, a new standard has been set in wingsurfing with the A-Series wings, and it continues to develop as we explore the endless possibilities that ALUULA presents us.

Every Ocean Rodeo Glide wing is fitted with our interchangeable Matrix handle system. Wings come with the Matrix handles pre-installed, yet allow the rider to customize handles and positions at their preference.

  • ALUULA ERGONOMIC SHAPED STRUT- Ergonomically shaped and built entirely out of the ultra light, ultra strong ALUULA composite material, the Glide A-Series’ strut increases profile stability, offers more rigidity and control, while also significantly reducing the weight on the trailing edge of the wing, keeping the strut up when one-handed drifting.
  • QUAD LOCK SEAMS- Used specifically on the shaping seams of struts, Quad Lock stitching delivers more than twice the strength of standard strut seam constructs, and was another innovation specifically tailored for the ALUULA airframe wings.
  • FULL ALUULA LE- Made entirely of ALUULA G-Series 82gsm composite, the A-Series airframe is the lightest, strongest and most responsive on the market. The leading edge can be tuned to higher inflation pressures than is possible with Dacron to allow further stiffness to the airframe.
  • RIDGE LOCK SEAM- This innovative seam technology is designed specifically for ALUULA. The ridge moves the stress of the stitch holes and threads to the anti-compression ridge. Strategically located to add additional stability to the leading edge, the Ridge Lock Seam helps stabilize the wing in gusty and high wind conditions.
  • KNUCKLE SAVER NEOPRENE HANDLE- You know the conditions are good when you chafe your knuckles during long downwind drifts. The leading edge behind the handle is padded with neoprene for improved comfort while the handle itself is stiffened to provide additional control while one handed wave riding.
  • INDEPENDENT STRUT AND LEADING EDGE INFLATION- Individual leading edge and strut inflate / deflate valves specific pressures to be set for each spar. All Ocean Rodeo wings feature an industry-first high pressure strut which is safe at 12psi. Each size of Glide wing has a recommended PSI for the leading edge.

Ocean Rodeo A-Series Glide Weight (no leash)

  • 3m 3.0 lbs
  • 4m 3.6 lbs
  • 5m 4.0 lbs
  • 6m 4.4 lbs
  • 7m 5.0lbs
Package Includes
  • Wing
  • Wing Bag
  • Wrist Leash
  • Pump Sold Separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Graham Reed
7M A-Series

Sprang for the 7M after a long summer of weak SW leftovers making their way up to VA from NC. After two sessions on the 7M, I’m very happy with the decision.

First session was 12-18mph with a HA925 and it handled the upper wind limit of the design really well. I didn’t feel out of control one bit, despite being 145lbs. The weeds didn’t stand a chance, I just blasted through football sized clumps and aired over others. I normally would have rigged the 5M, but was was jonesing to try the 7M.

Second session was a low end test, with winds in the 5mph range when I paddled out. After waiting a bit, the wind picked up just enough to hear something in my ear, so probably 8-9mph and I was able to get up no problem with the 1325 foil. Once up, it felt great, powered up and super responsive. I clocked my fastest speed in the 1325 that session, so that’s gotta mean something. It tacks great and is also easy to Heineken and race gybe, despite its size.

It doesn’t really feel all that big. Probably due to the lightweight tech and the pulled in, lower aspect shape. Canopy nice and taught in the resting state.

Looking forward to wave sessions, catching the glass before the chop builds in. Also going to be a fun DW wing in iffy conditions. DW race wing as well for sure.

Best wing out there?

I've been riding these A-series glides this week, and have been constantly impressed by them. I've tried a ton of different wing options, and this actually had me thinking about changing up my quiver....

First thing to mention, and the most obvious, is how light weight it is. It is noticeably lighter than anything I have used. On the water that means its easier to move around, feels more nimbler and reactive, and holy smokes does this depower and drift well behind you. When I'm on a wave and holding it, it feels effortless. One thing that trips up wings is if your on a wave going straight downwind and the wing is straight downwind of you, you can easy out pace your wing then it stalls and falls/flips on you. That is noticeably harder to do with this ultra light wing. Other plus for the weight, is these are killer for travel. SO much lighter for your travel bag.

One thing to mention is the price tag. No question about it, these are pricey. It is definitely a big investment into your equipment and your gear. Is it worth it? I think it depends on what type of winging your doing. If you're on an SUP winging back and forth, not worth it. If you a beginner winger and mostly on flat water, it could very well be worth it if you have the money and want top tier gear. Where I really see these being worth it is if you wing in the waves and want something light for that, or if you do a lot of travel. If that's the case, then you are going to be STOKED on these.

5M A-Series Review

I’m coming from a quiver of BRMs and added a 5M OR to go up against the 5M BRM. The OR is a clean 1lb. Lighter and it is very much apparent. (I’m 145lbs)

This wing is truly a joy to fly. The only thing holding it back is the lateral movement of the handles, which results in the need for slightly exaggerated flight controls to deal with the lag from inputs. The forthcoming carbon handles will surely cure this main deficit.

So far this wing has shined for three applications: Seabreeze wave sessions, Downwind, and powered up/speed runs.

This 5M size is perfect for Seabreeze sessions in that 10-18mph range and it astonishes me how much the wing refuses to flap down in front of you when riding downwind/wave. Wing management is just more of an afterthought conspired to the 5M BRM, which is very much front and center.

Downwinding is awesome due to the above mentioned levitating attribute. LE handle could be beefed up and neoprene could be widened. The other reason it is great DW is that it handles strong winds very well. You can take it out in 25mph DW conditions easily.

The wing can also handle sessions on the upper end of the wing’s zone very well. I’ve had it out in 20-25+ winds and it performed great. The stiffness prevents the deforming of the strut in relation to the wingtips, so less bagging out and flutter than other wings. It also just wants to go! Very fast wing and I’m looking forward to pairing it with the 525 Armstrong wing to push some top speeds.

Incredibly Light Weight Wing

These wings are crazy light weight compared to anything else on the market. When I first was riding this wing, I found it really hard to get started and had to ride pretty overpowered on it. Then I took off the center handle and moved the handles to the wide position. This really improved the feel and performance of the wing. The handles are still too floppy in my opinion but they are pretty comfortable. There are two bar options coming for this wing later in the spring which will be interesting.

In the wide position the A Series is light and spicy. In the big sizes it is great to have a wing that is so light so you don't have a heavy weight over your head while you are slogging around.

Up on foil this wing goes up wind well and rides pretty fast. The full aluula is stiffer so you feel more gusts and if you hit the water with the wing tip it is harder to recover. The hybrid Glide is easier to ride and would be a bit better for beginners for these reasons.

The only things that I think could be improved are the following. Windows are pretty useless on this wing. The leash is kind of crap quality but I use the Armstrong Ultimate waist leash so that doesn't matter. You do get some trailing edge flutter on this but not super bad. Finally, the front handle would be better if it was more rigid. The wing flags out well since it is so light but you would have more control if the handle was more robust.

Overall amazingly light and nice riding wing.

Sold my quiver of Duotone Slicks

Very happy with the 6M Glide A Series. Like the Duotone Slick it requires some technique to build drive/pull in light winds, but not that hard and once up as the Glide is light in the hands, builds apparent wind quickly, is fast and great upwind. I sold my quiver of Slicks this week as a result. Also I adjusted my handles to the wide position. They have a lot more control. That center handle is pointless. This Aluula wing is SOOO light.

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