Liquid Force Foil Molded Low Aspect Wing Set

by Liquid Force • SKU LIQ15MOLDEDWING
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Product Information

REAL Review

(Click here to download REAL's Foil Fish Assembly Guide PDF.)

Assembled Foilboard Weight: 20lbs

When the guys at Liquid Force started to develop the Foil Fish, a lot of people asked “why?”. Their answer was simple, “Because riding on foil is ridiculously fun.” It’s not about racing or how much carbon per square inch. It’s about taking more sessions, carving endless powder turns, and having a blast on the water.

LF set out to make a foilboard that was affordable, easy to ride, and durable. The Foil Fish nailed it on three marks, and it is also fast, lightweight, and easy to travel with. To top it off, the board that the complete Foil Fish package comes with doubles as a really fun kiteboard.

What We Like:
The Foil Fish is really easy to ride. They have manufactured it with molded carbon wings that are pretty fat and allow you to get up on foil at very low speeds. These foils are also really stable. Most people that we have taught on the LF Foil Fish are able to get long rides on-foil within their first hour of instruction.

The aluminum mast (strut) and fuselage are light and super strong. The complete Foil Fish package with the board is lighter than most of the all-carbon competitors. When you are learning to foil, you will smash into the bottom no matter where you are, and to know that your foil can take some beatings is great peace of mind.

The foil comes complete with a sweet storage/travel bag. This makes it really easy for travel since you can fully break the foil down, pack it into it’s own padded bag, and check it on to a plane or drop it into your larger travel bag. (This bag only fits the foil, not the board.)

They decided to use their tried-and-tested board the Kite Fish as their foilboard. It turns out that this board is perfect for riding as a foilboard since it is wide and flat on the deck. The best part is that the Kite Fish is a blast to kiteboard on its own without the foil, and it comes complete with fins and straps so you can ride it separately.

As far as performance goes…. let’s just say that a lot of experienced foilboarders are very surprised when they take their first spin on the Foil Fish. Everyone keeps telling LF that it has to be all carbon, that the board won’t work, the wings are too fat, etc. etc. Needless to say that every experienced foilboarder that rides the Foil Fish comes back with a huge smile, and they are all amazed by the amount of performance the Kite Fish has.

The Foil Fish rides really fast, goes upwind and downwind really well, has no vibration, and is super strong. Oh yeah, it is half the price of any other foil on the market too. What’s not to like?

Insider Information:
The Foil Fish is sold as two different parts. You can buy the foil assembly without the board if you want to use an existing foilboard or bolt it on to something else. We have seen people attaching their foils to skimboards, wakeskates, twin tips, and we have even seen one bolted to a recliner chair. The hole pattern is the standard 90 mil wide hole pattern that the rest of the board and foil manufacturers are using.

Match your Foil Fish up with the Liquid Force Solo for the ultimate foilboarding combo. The Solo is so light that it flies very well underpowered. It water relaunches well when underpowered too, which is great because you will be crashing your kite like a beginner again when you learn how to foil.

Try the Foil Fish behind the boat. You will find that even a small wake provides enough energy to drop the rope and wake surf miles without the pull of a rope.

Who is the Foil Fish for?:
Anyone that wants the rush of floating over the water, ripping upwind, and kiting a 9m when everyone else is on a 16m. The Foil Fish is not only strong enough to ride behind the kite; you can ride it behind a jet ski or boat too, so everyone will enjoy the rush of riding on foil.


Replacement molded wings for the 2015 Liquid Force Foil Fish Foilboard.

*Hardware not included

Liquid Force Description
The foiling bug has bitten all of us at LF kite. Fast, silent, smooth, basically flying! What is there not to like about riding a foil. The LF foil was designed with 3 overlying objectives. 1. Easy to use, 2. Built for progression, and 3. Affordable.

We accomplished all 3 by thinking outside the standard thought process of where the foil masses are going. We pushed the engineering staff and challenged the designers to think different. And with relentless pursuit we have hit all objectives! Get ready to fly. The foil for the people!

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