Cloud 9 P27 Ghost Rider Foil Set

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What's Included: -P27 Carbon Composite 27” Front Wing and 14” Back Wing -68cm Reinforced Surf Strong Aluminum Mast -Pedestal Aluminum Base Plate -Full Carbon Fuselage w/ Adjustable Rear Wing Placement -Padded Foil Bag Included -Foil Hardware and Tool Included -Board Mounting Track Hardware Included Weight: 8.5Lbs Cloud 9 has created some of the finest looking surf wings on the market. Through the water, they are silky smooth and instill confidence while you are on foil. They make a medium wing with the Saber S24 and a large wing with the Ghost Rider P27. These high quality full carbon surf wings are packaged with a light weight adjustable carbon fuselage and surf tough aluminum mast to make a premium product. This package also comes complete with a padded bag for storing and transporting your foil. The Cloud 9 P27 Ghost Rider Surf Foil is the larger of the two surf foils by Cloud 9. This is best suited for dedicated surf foilers. This foil will give you the lowest speed lift possible and is ideal for surf foiling. The adjustable fuselage allows you to adjust the placement of the back wing for different riding style. With the extended length you get more stability while on foil. When you move the back wing in, you get a faster turning foil that feels more surfy.

How the Cloud 9 P27 Ghost Rider surfs:

The P27 Ghost Rider is one of the finest surf foils on the market. The high quality super light full carbon wings and full carbon fuselage make for a light bottom half of the foil so you are not swinging a lot of weight around when you are going rail to rail surfing. Cloud 9 went with a reinforced aluminum mast to add the strength where you needed it most. The P27 wings are big and give you a lot of low speed lift. If you are new to surf foiling you will appreciate how easy it is to get on foil with these monster front wings. The more experienced foilers love the smooth ride and extra glide. You can tell these wings are superior to others on the market just by looking at them. This foil is light weight and you can appreciate that when you are paddling back out. If you are a dedicated surf foiler, you should buy this foil.

How the Cloud 9 P27 Ghost Rider kiteboards:

The P27 has a ton of lift so the power and higher speeds behind the kite can be a bit much. The key is to mount the foil as far back in toward the tail so you have most of your weight over the front wing. If you have kite foiled before then you will love how slow you can go and stay on foil. The P27 makes learning to tack and jibe really easy behind under the kite. Despite having big wings, this is really smooth in the water and still can go pretty fast once you get the hang of it. A lot of riders that will kite and surf their foil are getting the Cloud 9 S24 Saber wings for kiting as they are smaller with less lift.

How the Cloud 9 P27 Ghost Rider wakeboards:

You can almost foil the P27 with out a boat. You just need a little pull to get up on foil and then you are cruising. This foil has a crazy amount of lift behind the boat so you need to have a drive that will go easy on the throttle. If you do have a good driver, you will foil for miles with the P27. For true wake surf style of riding the foil, the P27 is excellent. The 27” front wing really keeps you out of the water. It is easy to hop this foil back on to plane if you slow down too.

Why you want the Cloud 9 P27 Ghost Rider Surf Foil:

This is the top rated dedicated surf foil on the market. If you are focused on surf foiling and want the extra lift of the large wings, then the P27 Ghost rider is the call. The quality of product and silky smooth ride is second to none.


The 27"(68cm) front wing provides increased lift and stability ideal for Kite, SUP and Surf foiling even in the most marginal of conditions. Cloud 9's Description: Wings The P27 is laid up and reinforced with multiple layers of pre-preg, 100% Carbon Fiber which is then vacuum bagged, and autoclave pressure baked making them extremely light-weight and strong. The 27"(68cm) front wing provides increased lift and stability ideal for SUP and Surf foiling even in the most marginal of conditions. The 14"(35cm) tail wing can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease lift to enhance the overall performance. Fuselage 100% Carbon Fiber construction with an adjustable rear wing mounting option: extended length for increased stability and pitch control. The shorter length setting allows for a tighter turning radius. Mast Our anodized black military grade aluminum 27"(68cm) mast has a larger sweet spot allowing for pilot error when trimming on foil. Foil Attachment Our foils come with a standard (4 screw) Base Plate/collar. Commonly used on kite boards. Attaches to Foilmount or 2 Standard 10" US fin boxes set 3.5" apart on center in a cassette of high density foam. Advantages of Tracks, easily installed in thinner profile boards, Allows easy adjustment front and back to help tune placement of foil. Specifications Fuselage: 30.5" (77cm) Weight: 1.15lbs. (0.52kg) Mast: 27"(68cm) Weight: 3.25lbs. (1.45kg) Hardware: M8 Titanium coated Stainless-Steel screws to help with galvanic corrosion. 0.7lbs. (.3kg) P27 Front Wing: 27"( Weight: 2.25lbs.(1.02kg) Surface area:1406cm2 P27 Rear Wing: 14"(35cm) Weight: .5lbs. (0.19kg) Surface area:307 cm2 Base Plate: 7"x5"(18cm x 13cm) Weight: 1.15lbs. (0.52kg) Total Weight: 8.5lbs. (3.8kg)

Customer Reviews

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Loyal to the Foil

Man this is a foil that is a step above.

I have ridden many foils and this one has been my favorite. I specifically use this foil for paddle in surfing. It has great lift at low speeds and is very stable. When riding a larger and faster wave it handles well but just requires a few adjustments to the mast positioning. I love how the foil wing floats making pumping back out to the line up a breeze.

This foil is good for both beginners to expert riders. It is extremely light and paired with the right board you can hardly feel it underfoot when riding.

The only draw back to the light design is powering though white water. Compared to other heavier foils you can feel a lot more of the turbulence in the white water. But its nothing that you can't adjust to.

I recommend pairing this foil to a light weight board to get the most performance and best feel.

Happy Foiling!

Jason Forrest
Superior Performance

I just spent the weekend enjoying my first sessions on The Cloud 9 P27 surf foil and I'm totally blown away!

Conditions were waist high, clean waves and long rides in Frisco, NC.
I’m an experienced surfer, weighing 155lbs. My performance shortboard is 5’8” and 28 liters.

This foil is paired with a 4’6” Pyzel Pinball Wizard at 25.8 liters.
The board is much smaller then what I've been riding but much more maneuverable. Catching waves was more challenging but once on foil, performance quickly made up for the additional challenge.

The foil is very light, efficient on foil and feels very smooth while paddling with little resistance. The fact that it floats was weird at first, but I quickly got used to its buoyancy. Despite the small board and challenge to catch waves, I found this foil was quick to pop up, allowing me to quickly get on foil and pump into the wave if needed before catching the glide of the wave.

The board and foil combined allowed me to take my foiling to the next level with multiple roundhouse turns on one wave, the ability to pump to the next section and several attempts to pump back out to the next wave.

The foil glides well, pumps with ease, is stable through turns and is generally easy to handle.

I’m stoked to continue to progress and while I may continue to try different boards, I’ll be hard pressed to swap out from the Cloud 9 foil.

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