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by Armstrong • SKU XPS26
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Product Information

REAL Review


From Armstrong

Whether you’re free flying, wave riding or sending a freestyle session, the all new A-Wing XPS delivers. We recruited the world’s leading wing and kite designers to craft a wing with a hyper connected riding feel, sublime upwind performance, next- level speed and rock solid stability. Whether you’re free flying, wave riding or sending a freestyle session, the all new A-Wing XPS

We recruited some of the world’s leading wing and kite designers to push this shape to the next level. Each aspect of the new A-Wing XPS was tirelessly thought out, tested and finely tuned in a wide range of riding conditions.

Highlighted Features
  • An innovative cross panel sail (XPS) design provides an outstanding level of connection when riding. This futuristic panel layout greatly reduces sail distortion by improving load distribution and frame rigidity. This gives all the wing sizes a very direct and controlled feel for easy and comfortable flying.
  • The XPS’s airfoil section combined with our pre-twist tip geometry, produces incredible speed with sublime upwind performance. This greatly benefits jump amplitude for freestyle maneuvers and delivers plenty of hang time and float for smooth landings. This wing is also a wave rider’s dream with little to no luffing or sail flutter and excellent stability, allowing the rider to focus less on the wing and more on shredding the wave
  • A newly developed hybrid carbon handle (HCH) design has a rigid carbon interior skeleton and soft padded exterior. This combination offers the best balance of control, comfort and safety.
  • By incorporating removable carbon battens, riders can maintain top-end upwind performance and speed when left in, and enjoy enhanced luffing and lower-end power with the battens removed.

We tested hundreds of individual materials during the development of the XPS. We settled on the new generation high quality lightweight Dacron, tried and tested polyester Dacron and Ultra PE woven laminate (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) for key reinforcements. The result is a highly refined combination of materials which delivers impressive strength to weight, durability and overall performance. See REAL's Material Overview to learn more about these materials and how they enhance the wing's performance.

Wing Weights (Without Leash)
  • 2.6m: 3.9Lbs (1.76 Kg)
  • 3.0m: 4.2Lbs (1.90 Kg)
  • 3.5m: 4.4Lbs (2 Kg)
  • 4.0m: 4.6Lbs (2.08 Kg)
  • 4.6m: 5.0Lbs (2.26 Kg)
  • 5.3m: 5.5Lbs (2.5 Kg)
  • 6.1m: 6Lbs (2.72 Kg)
Package Includes:
  • XPS Wing
  • Bag
  • Wrist Leash
  • Extra Carbon Battens

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Joey Harpstrite
Awesome Well Balanced Wing

Armstrong created a crisp and well designed hand wing that reliably does it job.
It is a challenge to find a wing that strikes a good balance between weight, and dependable power through a large wind range. The XPS does a good job of striking this balance as it delivers the power you need but is still lightweight. It also does a excellent job of delivering power when wet (especially compared to allula competitors).

Its also the most crisp wing I have used and holds a tight shape incredibly well. This is true in gusty conditions, and allows a larger effective wind range for each size. The XPS is also great for wave riding as the wing smoothly flies a neutral position, and doesn't get in your way. The wing delivers good power that is great for jumping and going bigger. In terms of going upwind quickly, the wing cuts upwind much better the V2 A wings.

I like the update to the handles and it feels really nature in hand. At 165lb I find a quiver of 3.5m, 4.6,5.3m cover a huge range of conditions . Solid product

XPS - Power on Demand

"Crispy & Tight" are the words that come to mind when inflating an XPS for the first time. The superior design feels significantly different from anything else in the game. Handles accommodate the best of both worlds with some rigid structure to wrap the fingers around, while maintaining a soft connection point. At 180lbs, the 4.6 has been an ideal choice in moderate winds and the 6.1 has been great in lighter conditions. With both wings, I felt super-stable progressing from kneeling to standing as the power delivery on these is direct and it's easy to work through the spectrum of vertical lift and forward drive, depending on how you position the wing. "Just point it, and go". I'm stoked to try jumping with the XPS next.
It'll be interesting to see how these hold up over time, but I would anticipate that the tight canopy is going to add to the longevity of the product.

Paul Cronin
XPS 5.3 & 4.6 The next step in wings

Coming from the performance sailing industry where there have been huge advances. This is the first wing I have seen that has taken a few of those lessons.

The structure is great, only 7 psi shows you something in how it is built. At 7 psi it is solid. Adding flat carbon battens is a positive. Material choice seem right.

Hard handles, but not hard on the strut connection, stiff feel, and transferring the load and control is excellent. They are in the right location, easy to move around on. Maneuvers are so nice with these handles.

It has a narrow groove, but wow, power and speed are there. Upwind, with flatter wing it is great at high angles. And down wind just snap the leech, and you get over the next wave. It loves being overpowered. Flat is not as much low end, I will take flat every time.

Will it last? 12 session it still looks new, other companies they are already blowing out.

One thing I would really like to see is bright colors. I have been told so many times from people on boats, and other foilers that they are very hard to see. Bright colors are safe, smart way to make wings. Orange, Yellow, let us be seen. I don’t care if it fades, be safe and let us be seen.

So many times with my Armstrong gear I say, “Thanks Arnie”. The gear is easy to use, built well, and to me the, FG boards, CF1600 & 1200 with Flow 235 tail, have this guy smiling.

4.6M Racing Review

Just took out 2nd place at an 8 race Regatta winging the 4.6M for the second time (first time in decent winds) against a talented racer charging on a 7M Takoon and Lift 120. Winds were 15-20 knots and this wing felt extremely comfortable pushing speeds through the slalom course! I was running the HA725/935M/60F/140Dart. Wind died on the upwind races and it hurt me on the smaller gear.

At the 1st finish I boosted a monster air and sort of caught me by surprise. The wing definitely sent me to the moon!

Overall this wing just feels like a wing should. Nothing out of place and it drives really nicely. Can't wait to put it through all the different riding scenarios. Previously I had only had it out as a light wind setup with DW board and MA1750. So far it Seems to be a great all-arounder that excels in wave riding and can hang in races.

XPS makes you feel like a pro

What a nice wing!!, I never liked hard handles, now don’t know what without it, low end is I think normal but high end is like nothing else didn’t get any back winded, forgot to put battens but didn’t matter didn’t get any luffing , first one was 6.1 conditions were 5.0 but never knew I had 6.1
Jibe, tack, it accelerate, I feel like pro. Big Big smile 😃

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