Evolution 2.0

Take your riding skills to the next level with our award-winning Evolution instructional video, filmed on location at the REAL Lesson Center in Cape Hatteras, NC.

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Chapter One

Double Down

Double Down teaches fundamental skills to launch and land on your own, body drag, ride to your left and right and self rescue .

Launching & Landing, Low and Go, Body Dragging. Self Rescue

Chapter Two


In "Carve" we focus on getting up on the board, proper stance, we will work on heel and toeside turns, surface 180's and riding strapless.

Heelside and Toeside turns, Riding Strapless, Proper Stance

Chapter Three

Getting Litt

Getting Litt is all about riding powered. In this chapter we wil focus on assisted launching, speed control, kite positioning and assisted landings.

Speed Control, Assisted Launching & Landing, Kite Positioning

Chapter Four

Turn & Burn

In this chapter, you will learn changing directions, different transition methods and carving turns..

Changing Directions, Different Transition Methods, Carving Turns

Chapter Five

Life of a Kiter

Life of a Kiter, this chapter teaches important skills to survive as a kiter. From repairs, to board setup, you'l be stoked you watched this one.

Kite repair, Board repair, Kiteboarding essentials

Chapter Six

Holy Grail

This is is. The Holy Grail of your kiteboard progression. In this chapter we teach you how to ride upwind and start taking truly self sufficient sessions.

Riding Upwind, Landmarks, Proper Stance

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