Why We Love Spring In Cape Hatteras (And You Should, Too!)

Epic conditions, cheap accommodation and a guaranteed good time come as standard with Spring in Cape Hatteras so here are 5 more reasons we’re head over heels for our favorite season of the year.

1. The wind stats are all time
Have you ever woken up to perfect wind, epic flat water and warm sunshine – then decided you to take a lay day? That’s Cape Hattteras, NC in the spring. Check out the wind stats here if you don’t believe us.

Ditching the neoprene for spring sessions

2. There are waves too (actually that happens all year)
Variety is the spice of life so a morning surf adds a change of scenery to your next kite trip. During Spring, prevailing morning winds are straight offshore!

Surfing In Cape Hatteras, NC | April 2013

3. The fishing is amazing.
A $10 license, some elementary fishing knowledge and a basic spinning rod can have you eating fresh fish for dinner every night! There’s no better way to spend downtime in between sessions!

Fishing In Cape Hatteras, NC

4. Spring arrives early!
On average, Cape Hatteras is 6-8 weeks ahead of New England as far as warming springtime temps. This means our March 15th is more like late April in the North East. The bonus is that the shallow water of the Pamlico Sound warms up (very) quickly. We’re usually ditching the neoprene in April!

Kiteboarding In Cape Hatteras | April 10th, 2013

5. We’ve had a well earned break.
Short days and cold weather have kept kiteboarding sessions to a minimum over the last few months for most of the country so we’ve all had a well earned break. Apart from the odd week of vacation, everyone is starting to bubble with excitement about kiteboarding again which makes spring a very exciting time to be a kiteboarder in Cape Hatteras.

What are you waiting for? Here are some links to help you plan your trip:

Accommodation: Watermen’s Retreat offers a luxury experience waterfront at the Slick for the ultimate kiteboarding trip.

Lessons and Camps: The REAL lesson center is fired up and ready to go for Spring. Find out more about 2014 kite camps here or 2014 kiteboarding lessons here.

Food and Drink: Watermen’s Bar and Grill offers superb sustenance and hydration to keep you fueled in between sessions.

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