Top Kite and Wing Accessories for Winter

If there is one thing we wingers and kiters have in common, it's that we love our accessories - and with good reason! New gear is always being designed to make the things we love to do more comfortable and expand our range of session possibilities. Here is our list for the best winter accessories for kiters and wingers! 


Best Winter Wetsuits

Starting our list off is the one winter accessory that is the essence of comfortability and expanding your session days, WETSUITS! The correct wetsuit for your area can make or break your winter. The Mystic Voltt (male) and Gem (female) 6/4/3 lineup is a guaranteed wetsuit to help you with this. The range of thicknesses on the suit gives you warmth and mobility where you need it. 

Mystic Voltt Wetsuit 

Mystic Gem Wetsuit


Highlighted Features 

  • Velcro straps around the leg cuffs keep the water out and the heat in
  • Front zip with the attached hood prevents cold water flushing
  • Glued, stitched, and taped seams


If you are looking for a wetsuit for the coldest winter days that is also environmentally friendly, check out Patagonia's R5 (6.5/5mm) wetsuit, made with proprietary Yulex material. 

Patagonia R5 Wetsuit

Highlighted Features 

  • 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content
  • Stretchy, solution-dyed linings; interior arms/legs
  • 100% externally seam-sealed to shut out water and add durability; all seams are triple-glued and taped with comfortable


Best Winter Wetsuit Gloves

The best gloves for winging and kiting are precurved gloves, made with a slight arch in the fingers. This curve helps prevent pain in the forearms as you squeeze the bar/handles against the neoprene's resistance. We have been using the Mystic Precurved gloves for years, and this year, a new redesign has the entire shop stoked. 

Mystic Supreme Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Glued stitched seams 
  • Wind mesh neoprene helps cut the windchill
  • Removable Velcro wrist straps allow you to tuck under the cuff or over


Best Winter Wetsuit Boots 

For booties, we recommend the phenomenal O'Neill Psycho Tech boots offered in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thicknesses. 

O'Neill Psycho Tech Boots

Highlighted Features

  • Pull up ankle loop helps you to slip your feet in and out without stretching the neoprene
  • The strap design almost hugs the foot to the sole 
  • Durable rubber sole 

Best Shelter Jackets

If you find yourself warm in your current wetsuit, but want to be set for the days that are bone-chilling cold, consider a shelter jacket. Offered in a variety of thicknesses and designs, there are ones for both wingers and kiters. 

For wingers, we recommend "The One" from Mystic as it is 4mm thick and lacks the kite hook hole. If you use a wing harness, skip this and get the recommended kite shelter jacket. 

Mystic "The One" Sweat Jacket

Highlighted Features: 

  • Velcro cuffs 
  • Hood with drawstring 
  • Pockets in the front 
  • Quarter zip


Mystic Voltage Sweat Jacket

Kiters will love the 3mm Voltage Sweat jacket as it has a kite hook hole and a quarter zip. 

Highlighted Features

  • Velcro cuffs 
  • Hood with drawstring 
  • Pockets in the front 
  • Quarter zip
  • Kite hook hole


Best Changing Ponchos

A warm, comfortable changing poncho goes hand in hand with a nice winter wetsuit. Not only is it essential to have for changing, but it keeps you warm before and after your session while you're running lines or assembling a foil. Check out the Mystic changing poncho lineup offered in a variety of colors! 

Highlight Features 

  • Attached hood to keep the ears and head warm
  • Velours and Teddy ponchos have a front pocket 
  • Soft and absorbent

For those in wetter climates, check out Slowtides Waterproof Changing Poncho



Straying away from the warmth-oriented accessories is the Gath NEO Sport Helmet. This great addition can be used year-round and adds an extra layer of safety! We primarily use this to protect against falls when winging, but it can be used for kiting as well. 


Highlighted Features

  • Neo Headband – 2mm thick neoprene, readily adapts to user's heads and prevents water from flushing into their eyes
  • Chin Strap:made using non-stretch webbing, quick-release buckles for secure retention, and are fitted with a nylon-coated non-water absorbent foam for added comfort.


Armstrong A Wing Ultimate Waist Leash

Wingers, this one is for you; the waist leash to rule them all. Armstrong's wing leash is the best one we have tested. The push-away quick release allows you to juggle your wing if needed - this is especially useful for winging in rough conditions. 


Highlighted Features

  • Quick release 
  • Double backing ability on the waist strap
  • High-quality bungee rope that won't stretch out over time

*Not recommended as a board leash*


REAL Hi-Gauge Beanie

Guaranteed, this will be the thing you run to put on after a cold session. The REAL High-Gauge Beanie is a thick knit beanie with a single cuff that will keep the valuable heat from escaping your noggin. 

Highlighted Features

  • Rib knit high gauge beanie with single cuff
  • 100% Acrylic high-gauge beanie


Yeti Mug 

Getting your gear ready on a cold morning is always made better with a hot cup of coffee or tea and is a great way to start an epic day. Here in Cape Hatteras, we love the REAL branded Yeti mug for exactly this.

Highlighted Features 

  • Magslider lid makes cleaning easy  
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages warm  
  • Dishwasher safe 


There you have it, the best kite and wing accessories for the winter! We hope you have the best winter possible, and if you have any questions about these products or others on our website, contact a REALPro at 252.987.6000 or
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