The NEW North Kiteboarding 2020 Launch at REAL

The kiteboarding industry has a new player in the game, and it isn’t some start up out of a garage. North Sails (North Technology Group) has decided to end their licensing deal for manufacturing kites in order to go at it on their own. North Sails is now designing, manufacturing, and distributing 2020 North Kiteboarding.

North Sails is the undisputed leader in sailing. They have created the best sail designs, materials and construction techniques, that the rest of the sailing industry can’t even come close to matching. North Sails have won every major race in the world and become the preeminent sailmaker, clearly distancing themselves from the competition. Their strategy is to win. North Sails wins, and that is what they have set out to do with North Kiteboarding.

We got to test the 2020 North Kiteboarding gear at the international dealer meeting in Dahkla this July. As soon as we saw the Navigator Control System, it was love at first sight. The bar is the foundation for all of kiteboarding and it is the hardest part to get right. North nailed it by making a very high tech bar that is super clean and simple. They did basic things like putting red on the left and making the left pigtails be red and the right ones be green. It’s only taken 20 years and the largest player in sailing to get this one right!

The coolest thing about this bar is the Connect Quick Release. The release clicks in like a seat belt so it can be reattached with one hand. The best part is that you can change out the chicken loop with no tools. The Navigator comes with a standard sized loop, and North makes accessory loops in size small, large and one for the rope slider bar.

The Navigator Control Bar is so good that you will be using this bar on other kite brands.

North came at their kite line with the less is more mentality. They have three distinctly different models that are easy to understand. The Orbit is a balls to the walls kite that is designed for going big. The Pulse is a high performance freestyle kite. The Carve is an easy riding kite that excels in the waves.  We tested all three models and can tell you the quality of craftsmanship is on point and the performance is second to none. As expected, North has given attention to small details like fat deflate tubes on the struts and leading edge bumpers that keep the kite elevated off the ground. Most importantly these kites perform! All three shapes live up to the hype and excel in the space they were designed for.

The board line is complete and has something for everyone. We love the ride and the feel of the kite surfboards and the twin tips are on point. The surfboards have some state of the art tech that is called Futurelite which gives you a natural PU surfboard flex and feel with strength that you can actually kite. They added in EVA inserts to the blank under your front feet so that you have less chance of breakage as well as vibration absorption. North topped it off with a killer full deck pad that has a kick ramp in the front and back. 

The Twin Tips have plush pads and straps that lock you in. The two main board shapes come in a softer flexing hybrid construction or a stiffer high performance carbon. You can pick your shape and construction that best works for your riding style. They also have an entry level board and a heavy duty park/wakestyle board.

No kiteboarding line would be complete without foils. North has created a recreational kite and surf foil set up. We tested very little of this line in Dakhla since it was blowing 25knots every day. The product looks good, and we will release full product reviews after we give it a go at REAL in Cape Hatteras.

REAL is honored to be a premier North Kiteboarding dealer. The 2020 line up is crazy fun to ride and as expected, North has launched into the kiteboarding market with a high quality product that is turning heads.  

All North Kiteboarding 2020 product is available for sale at Stay tuned to for individual product reviews. 

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