2020 North Navigator Control System Bar

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Product Information

REAL Review

The North Navigator Control System is an amazing bar. It is clean, simple and safe with a pile of high tech features that are new to this industry.

Tech Specs
  • One hand click in chicken loop
  • Toolless interchangeable chicken loops come in 4 models
  • Two sizes available of 45-50cm and 50-55cm
  • Ergonomic bar that tapers to be super skinny at the center
  • Soft EVA bar ends and floats
  • Below bar center line swivel
  • Space aged plastic coating covers the center line and the flagging line
  • Liros DC Pro SK99 Lines are 490kg, perfectly round and super skinny at 1.6mm
  • 22m length lines. You can take a 10m section off to have 12m lines for learning
  • Pigtails are kook proof, colored red and green and the same pig tails that are on the kite
  • Short leash included
  • Standard Size InterLoop included
  • Bar Weights: 45-50cm @ 2.3 lbs. 50-55cm @2.5 lbs.
What We Like
  • The North Navigator Bar is really impressive.  It is the hardest part of kiteboarding gear to get right and North nailed it with this bar.  
  • The Connect Quick Release is really easy to reattach with one hand. There is a nice loud snap when it engages so you know that you are locked in. We even packed it with sand on the beach and the release still went together and released with ease.
  • The Toolless InterLoop is so cool. Since it is super easy to change the loop, you will find yourself trading out the loop based on the type of riding you are doing. Bruna was telling us how she changes the loop from the standard loop for freestyle to the larger loop for wake style mid session while she is on the water.
  • Small riders are loving the size small InterLoops. This allows them to get the bar closer and reach the depower strap.
  • The depower loop is designed to hang down to make it easier to reach. It is also soft and has a nice loop in it so you can grab it easily.
  • The flying lines are the strongest on the market as well as the thinnest.  You notice the reduced drag and the super strength that these have when you fly this bar. North KB got into the North Sails materials vault to find these lines and they are noticeably better than anything on the market.
  • Having the same pig tails for the kite and the bar is a nice feature.  You can just buy one set of pigtails as back ups and have the right ones all the time.
  • We liked that North made the lines 12m with 10m extensions. Using the 12m lines for teaching and training shortens the wind window and takes a lot of power out of the kite. You can also buy accessory line extensions that come in 8m or 2m lengths to dial in your perfect length lines.
  • North Sails found the kiteboarding design team this space aged plastic coating for the chicken loop line. It stays soft and flexible in hot or cold temps. Most importantly, as it wears you don't get that strange black gunk that most of the standard PU tubing chicken loops get.
  • The safety release is SUPER reliable and flags out every time.  This kite flags out like no other and there is a really slick small stopper 12m up the lines that keeps the bar from sliding all the way to the kite. They made the center tubing a rectangle so that the flagging line will release properly and the line will slide through efficiently.  We popped the release a bunch of times in windy to light conditions and the kite flagged out perfectly 100% of the time. 
What We Don't Like
  • The bar winder bungees can get sucked up into the bar float and you may need a set of needle nose pliers to pull them back out if this happens to you.
  • If you are using a sliding rope spreader bar, untwisting the lines with the below bar swivel can some times take two hands. Some riders had no issue and others reported that they needed two hands to untwist the center lines.
  • There is no bar size written on the bars so if you have both sizes you will need to stand them up to tell the difference or write what size they are on the chicken loop.
Why you want the North Navigator Control System

This bar is excellent.  It gives you a direct feeling and solid connection to the kite.  You can use this bar on almost any kite on the market.  It is super sleek and works insanely well.  The safety is so reliable that it will become the industry standard in safety. 


From North

Reconnect one-handed with our patented North Connect Quick Release, and change quickly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools-required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System raises the bar in kite safety, connecting you intuitively to your kite so you can think less and feel more. We’ve taken the latest technology premium materials and applied simplified ergonomic design for precise performance with ease and comfort. Sensing your kite’s position just became second nature. Our patented quick release system with intuitive single action reload. Lifting the release handle is not necessary to reload the Connect Release.

  • Connect Quick Release
    Intuitive single-action reload raises the bar in kite control system safety.
  • Toolless Interloop
    Push, twist, pull, lock and go. Our Toolless InterLoop makes the customer experience effortless when swapping between disciplines.
  • LockGuard flexible Safety Ring
    Pull-tab secures loop connection and prevents accidental release of your interloop.
  • Integrated retractable line winder bungee
    Prevents tangled lines when packed up. Bungee retracts when not in use.
  • Leader line PU tubing
    Covers help to prevent line abrasion.
  • Kook-proof Red/Green line connectors.
    Easily change the front (knotted end) and rear (larks head loop) connectors to match other manufacturers kite configurations.
  • Injection molded soft EVA bar ends
    Ensure nothing hard comes in touch with you or your board and contain rear line adjustment.
  • Over molded trim handle
    Soft touch EVA handle reduces weight for bar components above the bar.
  • Custom TPU tubing profile
    Reducing wear and catch points for internal safety and main line.
  • Spinning below the bar handle
    Custom low-friction washer to unspin your front lines easily.
  • Tactile offset finger bar
    An ergonomic grip and intuitive feel when the control bar is orientated correctly
  • Two adjustable bar length size options
    (45-50cm and 50-55cm) to fine tune the turning speed of your kite.
Package Includes
  • Complete Bar with 22m lines
  • Short Safety Leash
  • Standard Freeride 23cm InterLoop
  • Additional Interloops sold Separately

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