October Sessions in Cape Hatteras

October starts off as an extension of September. This means warm air and water, with incredible atmospheric lighting (deep right?!) and good times all around. Writing this post on October 4th, it's 85F, we're still in boardshorts, no wetsuit required, but this will change as the month goes on. By the middle of the month, you should expect to be in full suit, as stronger north winds bring air and water temps down a notch.

For surfers, October is still part of tropical swell season and there's still a chance we'll see a solid long distance groundswell, but it's also the beginning of nor'easter season, which means shorter to mid period waves from the northeast. This combination of different swell sources makes October a very consistent month for surfing in Cape Hatteras, especially when you consider all the different angles of the island you can explore to turn nearly any wind angle offshore. If you get caught with a down day of surf, stop by the shop for a foil surfing lesson behind one of our jetskis. This is a great way to cut months off your learning curve.

For kiters, as we transition out of September, we say goodbye to our last few days of summer SW winds, and say hello to cooler (refreshing) North and Northeast winds with higher velocities. Even though it's "cooler" for here, it's way warmer than up north in New England and Canada. This is why many kiters who live up north, use Cape Hatteras as a way to extend their season. The REAL Lesson Center is OPEN 7 days a week through Thanksgiving Weekend, so if you want to learn to kiteboard, or improve your skills, October is a great month to do it! For intermediate riders and above, we've been teaching a ton of kitesurfing lessons in the ocean, as well as foiling lessons on the sound. Challenge yourself and find that excitement you had when you first entered the sport!

Watermen's Bar & Grill is OPEN 9am to 9pm daily through Thanksgiving weekend. Watermen's has live waterfront music every week to keep the back deck vibes pumping. 

Watermen's Retreat offers waterfront and waterview accommodations for up to 50% off during the month of October. This is your chance to put another solid block of watertime on your calendar. We're also starting to get calls about our accommodations in Puerto Rico, "Villa Sessions", as people start planning their winter travel.

We hope you make it here to session with us in October!

The REAL & Watermen's Crew

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