Naish Wing Surfer S25 vs. Ozone Wasp V1

The Naish Wing Surfer S25 and the Ozone Wasp V1 are our two favorite wings on the market. These two have the most advanced design specs and our team rated them to have the best overall performance.  So which of these Wingy Thingy are the best?  In this case, we didn’t have "a best" as they are very different wings.

The Obvious Differences:


Naish Wing Surfer S25 has a lightweight design that uses multiple segmenting to give this wing a rigid frame with smaller diameter tubes.  They use a super-strong thread that allows you to pump up these tubes rock hard.  The smaller strut and leading-edge makes this wing easy to flip over for beginners and allows there to be a little bit of flex to absorb gusts.

Ozone Wasp V1 has an extra-large leading edge and strut that gives the Wasp the most solid frame on the market.  The rigid frame translates even the lightest gust into power, and it gives you a sheet in and go feel.  One of our riders said that the Wasp feels like it has 4-Wheel Drive.


Both wings took the strategy that more handles are better.  This allows you to choose where you want your hands rather than being limited to what handles are available. Also, both have well placed oversized handles on the leading edge for surfing with the wing in full depower mode.

Naish Wing Surfer S25 has more rigid handles that translate pumping into power really well.  They are a small diameter so your hands don’t fatigue either.

Ozone Wasp V1 has softer bigger handles that are plush on your hands. The addition of the Y handle to the leading edge is a great option for riding and makes jibing the wing a lot easier.


Naish Wing Surfer S25 added in windows to improve visibility. It is really nice to not have to lift up the wing to see what is downwind. The windows do stretch more than the ripstop material so it makes this wing feel a little softer.

Ozone Wasp V1 has no windows because they liked the crisp feel of the ripstop through the entire wing.  We agree that the full rip-stop canopy makes this wing feel tight and responsive.

How Do They Ride:

Naish Wing Surfer S25 Key Riding Characteristics:

Apparent Wind Machine:  This wing feels really light and underpowered in your hands when you are not on foil.  As soon as you get a little forward speed, the apparent wind kicks in and you have plenty of power but you don’t feel overpowered. You can blaze through lulls like they weren’t even there too.

Gust Eating Technology:  We aren’t sure how they did it, but gusts and lulls don’t seem to exist with the S25 Wing Surfer.  We have been testing this wing in some pretty punchy conditions and it glides through them all.

Upwind Master:  When you sheet in the S25 and crank on your heel side edge, this wing flies upwind.

Ozone Wasp V1 Key Riding Characteristics:

 Sheet In and Go Power House: The solid frame and full rip-stop canopy of the Wasp V1 make this wing have direct power.  You can feel when the wing has enough juice to get up on foil.  When you sheet in you know the power is there or not.  When you are riding you can translate gusts into immediate speed gains.

Rock Solid Stability:  The Wasp V1 is very balanced in all of the sizes.  It doesn’t matter what your riding level is, you can appreciate the stability.  For beginners, it will keep you from falling off your board and advanced riders love it for tricks and turns.  When you sheet out this wing to surf a wave it is very balanced behind you.

Boosting Pro: To properly boost you want to sheet in, accelerate and hook the board upwind.  Once you’re in the air you want the wing to remain solid and parachute you down.  The Ozone seems to boost higher because you can get instant feedback from the wing when you want to send it.


Both the Naish S25 Wing Surfer and Ozone Wasp V1 are excellent wings.  You can’t go wrong with either and the variety of sizes means there is a wing for all conditions.  We have customers that are going with the Naish because they love the windows and how well this wing does in gusty conditions.  Customers going for the Ozone like the rigid frame for power generation and overall ease of use. 

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