Mayhem gives his insight on the 2020 ...Lost lineup

The …Lost Surfboards 2020 models are out and we are stoked to have had the opportunity to ride and review them for you. …Lost kept it simple and refined this year with five new models, the Rocket Redux, the Hydra, the Party Crasher, the Sword-Fish and the Driver 2.0.

We recently caught up with ...Lost Surfboards grand puba Matt “Mayhem” Biolos to get his insights on the 2020 ...Lost surfboard lineup. Here are Matt’s thoughts on everything Rocket Redux to Driver 2.0.

“When setting out to design our TwentyTwenty line,  I wanted to reel things in a bit.  My goal was to design a tighter line offering that would be easier for our wide variety of surfers/customers to wrap their heads around and understand. In recent years, I sometimes get going on wild design tangents, that while they net some fantastic boards, also can create some confusion in the surfers mind. For 20/20 we sharpened the pencil a bit and strived to create a more focused new lineup, to support and complement our already substantial selection of iconic, crowd favorite, and proven continued models.

Something simple for Summer fun in the sun, for everyone!” - Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

Rocket Redux

Fast, precise, playful and just plain fun, the Rocket Redux is fast paddling, easy to ride, iconic, every day, speed burning, pocket turning, no need for good waves yearning, bullet of a board for everyone.

"Firstly, we carried over the recently released (Fall 2019) #RocketRedux. Being one of the more iconic models of the past 20 years, it really has a place in many hearts. A fast and reactive hybrid for typical surf.  I feel it fits somewhere in just about anyone’s quiver. Whether rippers looking for a fun board, or cruisers looking to loosen up, the RocketRedux is a proven performer." - Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

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The Hydra is the sleeker sister to the …Lost Bean Bag. It's everything you loved about the Bean Bag but in a more refined package.

"Knowing the never ending need for rock bottom grovel boards in the world, I’m seemingly always developing and tweaking a minuscule wave machine for average schmucks like myself. This years mini-wave monster is a couple years in the making...The #HYDRA. A space age space craft rooted using many of our most proven small wave design elements.

Borrowing from The Puddle Jumper, RNF_Retro, The Plank, UberPlank and The Weekend Warrior, It’s a beautifully built long board replacement vehicle for the smallest of days." - Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

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Party Crasher

The Party Crasher is a daily ripper for the higher volume surfer or the mid-length aficionado. Rather than having 2-3 boards, the Party Crasher covers a wider range and allows you to be confident knowing your board will work no matter what you throw at it.

"I’ve been enamored with and excited about mid length boards for the last few years now. As I grow a bit older and recognize the effectiveness and longevity of these designs, I continue to develop and expand the offering. We started with the CrowdKiller, in 2017 and then the Smooth Operator, in 2019. These two vastly different approaches to the genre inspired me to sorta meet in the middle and create the #PARTY_CRASHER, an easy paddling, easy riding, yet radical and rip-able, semi-mid length Mayhem shred sled." - Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

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A fast, aggressive and powerful predatory fish, with a longer, pointed nose, side cut “Pelagic” outline, wide fish tail and ridiculously fast rocker.

"We were proud to then announce the brand new #SWORDFISH. Designed in collaboration with (and direction from) Kolohe Andino.  It is easily described as a performance fish.  It’s a direct spin off from our consistently popular #RNF_Retro. Whether a good wave board for typical Fish riders, or a small wave board for those who typically ride a HP Shortboard, the Sword-Fish delivers to a wide variety of surfers." - Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

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Driver 2.0

The DRIVER 2.0 is a direct reflection of what our team has pushed us to create, to keep up with their pinnacle performance surfing demands.

"Finally, for all you shredders out there, the #DRIVER_2.0 is perhaps our most instantly popular and quickly coveted HP-Shortboard design...ever.  We have the standard version, and the special, limited edition #STAB_InTheDark_AllStars winning version as well.  If you rip, this board is your trip." - Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

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