Quiver building with REAL Surfboard Giveaway winner Kevin Reinertson ⚔️

...and the winner is?!

Congrats Kevin Reinertson on winning the REAL Surfboard Giveaway! 

Kevin visited the shop this weekend to pick out his new board with the help of Trip Forman and REAL sales manager Randall “The Randalizer” Baird. Mask on and fully sanitized, picking out a new board from over 1,500 can be a daunting task...

Kevin’s main staples in his quiver are his 6’3 SUPERbrand Spam 6’3 for rippable days and his 9’2 longboard for everything else, including when the Spam isn’t enough in those famous Outer Banks barrels. Kevin wanted to be on this new board more, giving up some longboard days, and he wanted something with a round pin for hold when it gets thick. Kevin’s 6ft plus and 200lbs.

“At 200lbs, it’s tough having just a longboard and shortboard. I know this from a lifetime of experience. I think I was actually 200lbs at birth. Something functional in the middle, especially tailored to the rest of your quiver, the conditions you’ll be surfing, and how you want to surf it, makes a lot of sense.” -Trip Forman

The three boards that made it to the final round were the ...Lost Smooth Operator, Vernor Tree Hugger and the Maurice Cole Black Dingo. While these are all epic boards (and choices) they each have their subtle strengths and differences when pairing them into a quiver. Kevin’s final decision put him on the ...Lost Smooth Operator because it retained some of the longboard glide, has a slighter narrower nose for late drops, and still has shortboard turning ability. With a different quiver, conditions or surf style, it could have just as easily led Kevin towards picking the Black Dingo or Tree Hugger, which are equally as good.

Congrats Kevin! We can’t wait to hear about all the epic sessions you score on your new board. THANKS again to everyone who entered the REAL Surfboard Giveaway! Stay tuned, our next giveaway launches in June. 

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