How To Maximize Your Spring Kiteboarding Sessions

Mark Miedama Enjoying Spring Sessions

Here are some top tips from the REAL Lesson Center to help keep you safe and stoked this spring.

Chris Stellato (REAL Lesson Center Manager):
1. Cold air is more dense than warm air so if you have been kiteboarding during the winter in cold conditions, remember that you may need to adjust your gear choices for the warmer weather.

2. If you’re planning on taking a lesson at some point this year, sooner is usually better. That way you can enjoy your new skills for the whole season.

3. If you’re ready for your friend/partner to learn to kite too, save yourself and check in them in for a kite lesson or camp at REAL. Friends don’t let friends teach their friends.

4. Just this morning I replaced someone’s safety line that broke when he was out on the water. If he had checked over his gear and replaced this inexpensive part he would have avoided starting the season off with a kite mare! There are parts on your kite/bar that are supposed to be replaced from time to time.

Jessie Kilgour (REAL Head Coach):
5. If you haven’t kited in a little while, don’t forget the basics – especially when launching and landing.

6. Don’t let your stoke to get on the water overtake your common sense. Make sure you double-check everything before launching.

7. If you haven’t ridden in a while, take a test session. Launch your kite and fly it on the beach for a while without getting in the water. This is a great way to check your gear is ready for the season and find out if your bar needs tuning.

Matt Nuzzo (the original REAL coach):
7. Bring all of your rubber every time you go to the beach. Even though its spring the water may be cooler than you’re expecting. Much better to have the extra warmth and not need it than be cold.

8. If you have gaps in your quiver that you are looking to fill, Spring is a good time to pick up some new gear. That way you get to enjoy your new gear for the whole season.

9. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water… sounds simple but the post session beer doesn’t taste as good with a headache and sunburnt lips.

Toby Diggens (REAL Sales Manager):
10. Stretch! In the days leading up to your first session take some time to stretch in the morning. Waving your arms right before your first session won’t do much to prevent any early season injuries but stretching in advance will.

11. Take out your gear at home, unravel your lines, pump up your kites and check everything over. It’s much easier to replace something now than in the middle of the season.

12. Introduce a friend to the sport! Pick someone who you would like to take sessions with and encourage them to take some lessons and get going. Kiting is much more fun with friends.

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