Find Your Fatty's Sleeker Soulmate

If you’ve recently added a …Lost RV, LayZboy, Couch Potato or Bottom Feeder to your quiver and are looking for a new board to fill in “above it” when the surf gets better, the …Lost V3 Rocket is definitely a board you should be checking out.

Here’s why:

1. The V3 Rocket has a similar rocker profile, meaning flatter up front with more rocker out the back of the board. It does have more rocker than the boards listed above, which is a good thing for better surf. The rocker that it does have is delivered in the same manner, meaning you can surf it with a similar style and foot weighting.

2. The V3 Rocket has a wider nose compared to a high performance shortboard (HPSB). In the past, most surfers would go from their favorite “fish” style board to a HPSB and many would flounder on the transition, since the HPSB requires a much higher skill level to surf proficiently. The V3 Rocket has sufficient nose area that you can still land on your front foot, or drive off your front foot and not kill your speed. Due to this added width up front, it’s also more forgiving to where you stand on the board.

3. The V3 has a double wing rocket tail with reduced area out the back of the board. This reduced area helps the board hold better in the pocket of the wave (when it’s hollower) and also reduces the lift under your back foot at higher speeds (in bigger surf). Both of these performance characteristics make this board compliment the above listed boards when looking for a board that will handle better, more powerful surf.

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Sizing your V3 Rocket

In general, you want to run your …Lost V3 Rocket 2-4” longer than your …Lost Domesticated Series Board. This will give you the paddle power needed to get into faster moving, more powerful surf.

What are you waiting for?

REAL is fully stocked on all constructions of …Lost V3 Rockets – PU/Poly, Hydroflex and C3 Cork/Carbon Composite, sizes 5’4 up to 6’6 (33 in stock at the time of writing). We ship …Lost and all of our other brands of surfboards worldwide daily.
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