…And the winner is?!

THANK YOU everyone for entering the REAL Surfboard Giveaway. This is our biggest giveaway of the year and we’re always blown away by the stoke, excitement and contagious energy wrapped around someone getting to choose ANY surfboard in our inventory as their prize.We picked our winner at high noon, October 5th and have reached out to them to confirm A. That they’re not a robot and B. That they are all set with their vehicle’s extended warranty. Hahaha!Congrats Rob Galan, a motorcycle mechanic in California. We’re stoked for you! We caught up with Rob on the phone and he is a 100% stoked human being!
Here’s a bit of back and forth with Rob to get a vibe of where he’s coming from. Thanks again to everyone who entered!

Hi there Rob! We have a few questions for you….

1. Are you a robot?

2. During the last three months have you been contacted about your vehicle’s long term warranty?

3. When was your last session and what board were you riding?

4. If you could be any surfer for one session, who would you be and where?

5. Which one of these is spelled correctly?
A. Bun Cake
B. Bunt Cake
C. Bundt Cake

6. What board in your quiver did you have the most fun on at home during “lock down” and why?

7. If you win the REAL Surfboard Giveaway, which board will you choose?

Rob’s answers:

1. hahah no

2. Again, no. Ha!

3. Last Friday,  a Roy Sanchez 6'6" single fin

4. Any surfer... i say me, cause i love surfing no matter if im in Texas, California, or Panama its exactly where i want to be no matter the swell.

5. C. Bundt Cake

6.  9'6" Roy Sanchez glider, it goes good in any size wave from 1' to 8'. I ride this board 90% of the time.

7. Most likely a Gold Fish from SMTH Shapes

**Side note, my friends call me “Robot”, so the 1st question was especially funny!
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