All Time September Surf Sessions

September is historically the best month for taking sessions on Cape Hatteras. With Hurricanes on the map and the change of seasons underway, we are always faced with pumping waves and epic conditions.  Here are a few snippets of what we’ve seen September of 2017.

5 turns, a 6-second barrel, and turquoise warm water.  Is this Cape Hatteras?  You bet it is.  Shelly Island was a new formation off of the cape point this summer that brought perfect point break conditions. REAL teamrider, Brett Barley scored one of the sickest rides we’ve seen thanks to Jeffrey O’Neil’s mastery behind the lens.


REAL Teamrider, Brett Barley has spent more time in the tube this month than most spend in their lifetime. | Photo by Nicola Lugo


Andrew Jacobson on a monster. | Photo by Ryan Osmond


Zach Beaudoin taking a rare opportunity to wrap a cutback on an open-faced wave. | Photo by Ryan Osmond


This one could have been all yours. | Photo by Nicola Lugo


“You should have been here yesterday” | Photo by Ryan Osmond


Oliver Kurtz in the Carolina Caribbean. | Photo by Ryan Osmond


Tubes, turns, warm water, yeah, it’s been good. | Photo by Ryan Osmond


Brett Barley spat out in Waves, NC. | Photo by Ashlon Durham


Trip Forman getting barrelled on his Christenson C-Bucket. | Frame grab by Jeffrey O’Neil

Another banger edit by Brett Barley and Jeffrey O’Neil covering four days of waves generated by PTS10.


REAL Coach, Ryan Bowen holding it down for the staff. | Photo by Ryan Osmond


Matt Nuzzo enjoying point break conditions on Cape Hatteras. | Photo by Laura Vandyken

Oliver Kurtz made the flight from California to score world class waves on Cape Hatteras. | Film & Edit by Jeffrey O’Neill


Zach Beaudoin hanging on the wall. | Photo by Ryan Osmond


Wilkes Booth on a Pyzel Ghost, in Peru… or is it Cape Hatteras? | Photo by Laura Vandyken


Brett Barley standing tall. | Photo by Ryan Osmond

This is only a taste wave feast that is September on Cape Hatteras. If you want to surf good waves of all shapes and size, visit Cape Hatteras in the fall and prepare to score. | Video by Jeffrey O’Neil


Brett Barley capped off this incredible run of swell with an empty lighthouse session where it barrelled like Namibia. | Photo by Brett Barley/GoPro



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