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Product Information

REAL Review

Freedom Foil Boards are on a mission to make high tech shapes that allow you to catch waves easily and have the board disappear while you are on foil.  Some of the best foil boarders in the world are riding these and once you takeoff on your first wave you will understand why.

Tech Specs
  • 1 lb EPS Core Construction with Divinicell inserts for the foil boxes
  • Concave Deck – Maximizes board control and feel
  • Double Concave Bottom Shape - Comes unstuck easily
  • Step Rails – Increases board rigidity and responsiveness
  • Forward Volume to assist with paddling
  • Chine Rails – Reduces drag and assists water contact rebound
  • Carbon wrapped epoxy glassing
  • Vent Plug
  • Kick Tail to assist in pumping
  • Track system allows you to tune your ride
  • Deck pads not included
  • Custom sizes and colors available
  • Mounting tracks heavily reinforced to handle large wing load
  • 3’11” x 19.75″ x 2.9″ @ 30 Liters, 5.5 lbs
  • 4’2″ x 19.75″ x 3.1″ @ 34 Liters, 5.85 lbs
  • 4’5″ x 19.75″ x 3.2″ @ 38 Liters, 6.05 lbs
  • 4’8″ x 20.25″ x 3.5″ @ 43 Liters, 6.5 lbs
What We Like
  • These boards are sexy.  Most foil surfboards look terrible and as a surfer is is hard to spend a grand on a board that looks like a bar of soap. When we saw the Freedom Foil Boards, we knew we had to have them.
  • The sizes are spot on.They pack a ton of foam into really small sizes. This offers you plenty of volume to catch small waves and the shortness to maximize your turns and pumping.
  • The Techno 2.0 is super light. The lighter the board, the more responsive your foil will be. Freedom designs their boards to "disappear" once you are on foil.
  • With the wide point way forward and the heavy double concave, you can catch waves easily and you take flight faster than other foil boards.
  •  There is kick in the tail of this board like a skateboard. This gives you more power when you pump. This is one of the secrets to why this board pumps so well.
  •  Let's talk about pumping. The Techno 2.0 is a pump machine. This board is so light and stiff that you will be going faster pumping out than you do surfing in.
  •  Full carbon lay up means that it is stiff and your actions on the board translate to the foil.
Insider Info
  • We like mast position #2 for the Armstrong Foils and all the way forward with the Lift Foils.
  • Despite having a vent plug, these boards need to stay out of the direct sun on the beach and should not be left in the back of your hot car.
  • These are hand made custom shapes and lay ups so you will find some imperfections like tiny air bubbles and carbon wrap overlays in the finish work. 
  • You can get any size, shape and color with a custom order which takes about 6-8 weeks build time. Also we can order you a board with inserts for foot straps or a heavier duty glass schedule.
Why you want the Freedom Foil Boards Techno 2.0

The Techno is a blast to ride and you will become a better foil surfer on session number one. The sizes are spot on and the board melts away while you are on foil.


From Freedom Foil Boards

The name says it all... The Techno was created by combining some of the most technically advanced design and manufacturing processes. Cut with machined precision out of ultra light EPS foam. The Techno model is built to exact measurements every time.

Reinforced with High Density Foam “Divnicell” our foil boxes are locked in securely so as to assist with the high levels of torque associated with foiling. Wrapped in Carbon Fiber, all Technos are built to be extremely light, rigid and durable. Whether it’s carving or pumping, if your looking for a board that enhances your connection to the foil The Techno is for you!

Tech Specs
  • Lightest weight EPS full carbon wrap construction. (Techno 4'5" weighs in at 5 lbs.)
  • Double concave bottom shape to deflect water and bounce you back on foil
  • Vent plug
  • Heavy chined rails
  • Concave deck
  • Sanded carbon finish
  • Kick tail for better pumping
Package Includes


  • Traction Pads and Hardware Sold Separately
  • Custom Board sizes and colors available

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