Carved Imperator 6 Kiteboard Blem

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REAL Review

Here at REAL, we don't take it lightly when we call something the best. It needs to be vetted by a lot of kiteboarders and really be next level compared to the competition before it will get the "best" tag line. The design, construction, feel, and ride of the Carved Imperator 6 is second to none, and it is hands down the BEST twin tip on the market.

Imperator 6 sizes:
133x40cm, 135x41cm, 137x42cm, 139x42.5cm, 141x43cm

Tech Specs:
▪ Hand crafted at the Carved factory in Germany
▪ Cartan® Carbon
▪ Lightweight construction
▪ Double Concave and "Center Keel" bottom shape
▪ Soft tucked rail in the center to hard rail off the tail
▪ UV GUARD: Doubled UV protection
▪ 3D shaped Paulownia wood core
▪ Elliptical flex tips
▪ Razor 1.7" G10 fins (Included)
▪ Stitched Carved handle (Included)
▪ ULTRA Pads and Straps (Sold Separately)

What we like:
The Carved boards are sick. These are the first boards that get pulled off the wall at the REAL Flagship Store, and every customer that buys one tells us that they are worth every penny. Upon first glance you can't help but noticing the sick Cartan Carbon construction, massive keeled double concave, soft round rails through the center of the board and bad ass looking Ultra pads and straps. Everything about this board looks different than any other board on the wall.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but how does it ride? In as few words as possible, crazy fast, blasts through chop, tons of control and Ultra cushy on the feet. Let's dissect what and why.

The massive double concave will leave you scratching your head. Does this work? The answer is YES. The double concave with the large keeled spine running down the middle hammers through the chop when this board is on edge. It works when the board is railed over hard, when you are riding it flat or into a transition. The mechanics are pretty simple if you think about it. That spine runs over chop and just cuts through it sending the water out to the sides of the board.

The round rail in the middle is a much smoother entry into the water than a hard edged board. Similar to the keeled bottom, the water wraps around the rail rather than banging into it. The hard rail on the tail give you a ton of grip with the G-10 Razor fin set.

The Imperator 6 is stiff between your feet and flexy in the tips. The stiff board under foot makes the Carved feel very stable. This is awesome for landing jumps hard as well. If your board is too flexible in the middle, it flexes out around your feet and you will loose control. The flexy tips will help with the chop busting and give you some spring to your jumps.

The Ultra pads and straps are really high tech and hold your feet in the strap like no other. They come in two sizes to fit all feet. The LG/XL work from a size 7 women's to 14 men's so that is what most people are getting. These straps will take a day or so to break in the memory foam and mold to you feet, and then you are locked in. They are super easy to adjust, and we could even tighten and loosen the straps while riding. They are that easy. We have been trying to break the mechanical snowboard style buckles and have had no luck yet. They told us that they tested them in the sand, and we are taking it next level by grinding them into the sand. So far so good. Oh yeah, these straps have a 6.5" spacing between the screws, so they will only fit on a Carved or Core board.

The most important question is how does the Imperator 6 ride? This board is crazy fast with tons of control. The soft rail is proven to work in chop and now comboed with a double concave and stiff center of the board, you are always in control on this board. It has a lot of grip with out sacrificing speed or ease of turning. Landing hard jumps or kite loops is so soft on your knees. If you have any knee issues, this is the board you need. Overall, your speed and control will go through the roof and when you improve those two things, your kiteboarding can go to the next level. The Carved Imperator 6 will make you a better kiteboarder.

Insider information:
Carved is offering the Imperator 6 in colors. Stock set up is for them to come in black so you see the Cartan Carbon, but we are now able to place orders for custom sizes and colors. Some people are concerned about loosing a black board, so we have been ordering them bright red, yellow or orange Carved customs. This is a 4-8 week build time and an additional $500. The dimensions and logo colors can be adjusted to what ever you want.

The Imperator 6 does not have a top sheet like all other twin tips. The graphics are just vinyl stickers. That means that this board is going to be more susceptible to scratching and we have seen a few of the stickers get scratched off. The boards are really strong from a breakage stand point, but they can scratch if you are grinding them into the beach.

Carved makes a light wind version of the Imperator 6 that has a flatter rocker, wider tail block and a rail shape that is optimized for light winds.

Why you want the Carved:
We get a lot of people questioning if this board is worth the money. Despite the high ticket price, you get what you pay for with the Carved Imperator 6, and this board is worth every penny.

In the words of one of our customers,"Carved made a deal with the Devil on the Imperator 6. This board is freaking amazing! I am getting better every time I go kiteboarding, and it is 100% because of this board."

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