Custom Surfboard Orders "What to Expect When You’re Expecting…"

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1. Quoted Build Time

We quote the amount of time your board takes to be made as “Build Time.” Build time is how long your board takes to be cut, shaped, glassed, sanded, and tricked out. Build Time does not include the time between when your board is finished and when it leaves the factory headed to REAL, nor does it include the time it take for us to ship it to you.

Build Time is always quoted in weeks – for example – 12+ weeks, and is measured in work-weeks, so does not include holidays such as Christmas week, Thanksgiving week, etc. We quote Build Time based on the actual performance of delivering custom orders, so these numbers are more accurate than what the brand's quote themselves, which are often optimistic. Since your board is being built by humans, Build Time can also be offset by illness, family emergencies, etc. A good rule of thumb for total time to your hands is Build Time, plus 1-week transition to leave factory (packing/shipping), 1 week for shipping to REAL, and then 24 hour turnaround at REAL once we receive your board.

2. Changes to your order

Once we place your order with the surfboard factory, a unique order card is created with your custom board specs and details. This order card is then set in motion through upwards of 3-5 different build facilities. While it may seem easy to modify your order a week later, it’s nearly impossible to do so accurately and will most likely result in customer disappointment after waiting through the entire build and shipping times.

Keep in mind that you spent a good amount of time deciding on exactly what you wanted prior to ordering it with us. Most changes after ordering are changes to moderate, inflate, or try to cover more conditions with your new board. All of these make your board less custom, and less likely to excel the way you originally wanted it to. Bottom line? Go with your gut on what you want and stick to your original order.

3. Is My Board Done Yet? Can you Check on the Progress of My Board?

After we place your board order, we receive an order confirmation to verify that your order has been received and put into production. After that, the next time we hear from the factory is when your board is completed and ready to ship.

The board builders are not equipped/staffed to give weekly updates, nor are there electronic tracking systems to monitor progress. This is a good time to refer to your “Build Time” quote, sit back, relax, and look forward to the epic sessions you will be having on your new custom surfboard. It can be helpful to mark your Build Time on your calendar – remembering to not include holiday weeks. This will give you a reminder of when to check in with us if you haven’t heard from us already.

4. Delivery Day

When your board arrives here at REAL, we turn it around and ship it within 24 hours. This includes notifying you of your board’s arrival, plus sending you 3 photos (deck, bottom, dimensions). Please check these 3 photos closely to verify that everything is correct prior to us shipping you the board. This is also a great time to add any surf accessories you may need (tail pad, fins, leash, bag, etc.) as you receive a 15% discount on all of these items when shipped with your new custom board, plus no additional shipping charge. It’s also easy to match up all the right accessories when your board is here, as well as convenient to have it ready to shred when it comes out of the box.

THANKS again for choosing REAL

We froth on new surfboards just as much as you do, so we appreciate the opportunity to help you with your new board and look forward to hearing the insane session reports once it hits the water!

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