Armstrong Starter S1 Wing Foil Package w/ FG Wing SUP & A Wing V2

by Armstrong • SKU BNDLS1WING1
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S1 Foil Package
FG Wing SUP Foilboard
A Wing V2 (Optional)
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Product Information

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The Armstrong Alloy System and S1 Foil range was designed with one thing in mind:


The Armstrong Alloy System was designed to enable riders of all skill levels to chase endless experiences on the water. Its modularity, broad performance range and exceptional build quality empowers riders of all levels to progress without limits.

It's not alloy, it's Armstrong Alloy.

The Armstrong Alloy System surpasses all expectations of what an alloy hydrofoil can be. Its advanced section design and exceptional quality empowers riders to progress without limits, and the system's compatibility with all Armstrong's foil ranges encourages endless experiences on the water.

Elevating Alloy

Design that's far from price point.

Building on the knowledge and technology used to develop Armstrong's industry-leading Performance carbon mast, the AA mast section and structure are optimised from top to bottom for an excellent balance of strength, efficiency and weight. A specially machined mast top and SailGP-inspired bottom bracket design exemplify the attention to detail put into this system that maximises performance and minimises compromise. The mast and fuselage are crafted from 6061 and 7075 alloy for excellent strength and weight properties where needed most.

Modular As Standard

One system, endless experiences.

The Alloy fuselage is fully compatible with all our foils and stabilizers so riders at any stage in their foiling journey can easily adjust their ride as desired.

Premium Hardware

Embodying the Armstrong ethos.

The AA System is outfitted exclusively with premium titanium and stainless steel hardware so your setup can continue growing with you over time. Custom titanium M7 x 1.25 and M8 screws provide a strong, corrosion-resistant connection with a fit and finish that's worthy of the Armstrong name.


The S1 (Step 1) foils deliver remarkable stability, ultra low flying speed and an instantly intuitive feel to make the first step into foiling as accessible and approachable as possible.

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Pitch, roll and yaw stability are critical to success when building folding skills. The S1 design achieves a near autopilot-like level of predictability thanks to a combination of leading and trailing edge sweep, chord length and foil section geometry. The result is an ultra easy platform for first time flyers to learn any foiling discipline.

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The Step 1 foils fly at a remarkably low speed with a high degree of controllability so that riders can practice maneuvers with less risk and a lower learning curve. When overpowered, the foil reduces breaching with a tendency to fly itself back down when approaching the surface. Because these foils handle speed and ventilation so well, riders can enjoy an exceptionally broad usable speed range in each size.

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Built to the same tolerances as our other foils, the S1 range is constructed from carbon composites which provide an excellent strength to weight ratio.

Tech Features

Tech Features

FG Wing SUP Foilboard

From our new and innovative “Forward Geometry” Wing Surf and Wing Sup board designs, highlight the drive and passion we have to always be improving and maximizing the potential of every ride! The logic behind Forward Geometry is all about the mast track position in relation to the center of the board. The further forward the mast can go the better, it improves maneuverability, response and dramatically reduces the rotational swing weight effect. Combine this with state-of-the-art 320mm Carbon fiber A+System Mast Tracks and you have maximum potential to get your board and foils geometry working for you!

Without question, shorter boards offer superior maneuverability, feel and control once on the fly but getting them there is not so easy. Until now that is, as boards get shorter it becomes important to maximise stability and hull speed when still attached to the water. The new Forward Geometry shapes from Armstrong have addressed this issue with a beautiful innovative approach enabling everyone to take advantage of the benefits riding shorter boards. The new Forward Geometry range of boards are packed full of innovation.

  • Forward Geometry… Our new A+System Mast Tracks are positioned well forward in the board to reduce rotational swing weight which radically improves handling and response.
  • High strength custom Carbon fiber A+System Mast Tracks… Plastic simply does not do the job well enough, so we designed our own 320mm Carbon Fiber mast tracks.
  • Recessed deck… This brings you closer to the mast top for direct handling and feel.
  • Through deck carry handle/water evacuation… Easy to carry top or bottom, the through board handle is also the water evacuation for the recessed deck.
  • Extended waterline profile view… Speed is the key, so we use all the boards waterline to help accelerate the board forward.
  • Chisel-nose outline… Offers stability on the water and helps push the water under the board rather than splitting it around the board.
  • Aggressive nose rocker into an accentuated double concave to flat… This is all about bringing the nose up quickly to accelerate the water down the double concave to flat bottom at the tail.
  • Innovative tail shape… For better acceleration, less drag at the rear waterline release area, it looks faster because it is!
  • Accentuated chines… As the board picks up speed and the foil starts to lift, the contact area reduces, making for a smooth transition from on the water to foiling and also seamless touchdowns as the board does not grab as it touches the water’s surface.
  • Stable Volume distribution… The recessed deck, wide Chisel nose and relatively rectangular outline means we can push the volume to the extremities, makes for a stable platform when on the water.
  • Light and strong… Lightweight is nothing without strength so we have chosen the best materials to keep the boards both light and strong. Foam core with multiple PVC reinforcements, Dual Carbon stingers, covered with Carbon fiber and Dyneema cloth.

Armstrong FG Wing SUP Weights including pads

  • 50L 4’8" - 9.6 lbs
  • 60L 4'11" - 10.2 lbs
  • 75L 5'2.5" - 11.8 lbs
  • 88L 5'5" - 13.0 lbs
  • 99L 5'8" - 14.0 lbs
  • 115L 5'11" - 14.8 lbs
  • 132L 6'4" - 15.5 lbs
Package Includes:
  • 1x S1 Front Wing
    • S1 1250 (SKU: 4897115084867)
    • S1 1550 (SKU: 4897115084874)
    • S1 1850 (SKU: 4897115084881)
    • S1 2450 (SKU: 4897115084898)
    • Wing
    • Cover
    • Hardware
  • Armstrong Alloy System (SKU: ARM24S1FK)
    • 75cm Fuselage
    • 72cm Mast
    • S1 300 Tail Wing
    • Mast Top Plate
    • Mast Bottom Bracket
    • Foil Kit Bag
    • Hardware & Washers
    • T30 & T40 Tools
    • Teflon Grease
  • 1x FG Wing SUP Foilboard
    • 5'2.5" x 26" x 4.5" Vol:75L (SKU: ARM21SUPWS525)
    • 5'5" x 27" x 4.75" Vol:88L (SKU: ARM21SUPWS55)
    • 5'8" x 28" x 4.875" Vol:99L (SKU: ARM21SUPWS58)
    • 5'11" x 29.25" x 5" Vol:115L (SKU: ARM21SUPWS511)
    • 6'4" x 31.25" x 5.25" Vol:132L (SKU: ARM21SUPWS64)
  • 1x A Wing V2 (Optional)
    • 3.5m (SKU: AWING35V3)
    • 4.5m (SKU: AWING45V4)
    • 5.5m (SKU: AWING55V5)
    • 6.5m (SKU: AWING65V6)

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