Armstrong Weekend at Watermen’s Retreat

Watermen’s Retreat, REAL Watersports and Armstrong have partnered to bring an exclusive experience to the Outer Banks July 12th-14th.Armstrong Weekend at Watermen’s Retreat will combine gear demos, tech talks, and a three day Zero to Hero Wing Camp to stoke foilers of all ability levels. Even rank beginners. 

For the Armstrong gear demo, this will be the largest collection of Armstrong gear ever assembled. That’s right. Even more than Nuzzi’s entire quiver. Guests at Watermen’s Retreat will have free access to ALL the gear listed below, as well as private access to our deep water foiling location, the “Watermen’s Foil Garden”.When the day winds down, the foil froth will still be at 11 as we take everyone inside REAL for the Armstrong Tech Talk with Aiden Nicholas, James Jenkins and Austin Tovey, Saturday July 13th at 6pm. Here the Armstrong crew will discuss design, match gear with different use scenarios, give tips for ability break throughs, and answer any and all questions foil related. The Armstrong Tech Talk is open to all participants whether you’re staying with us at Watermen’s Retreat or not. Should I bring my “wing curious” friends? YES!! We’ve added a special REAL x Armstrong Zero to Hero Wing Camp, specifically on these same dates, July 12th-14th. Students enter this camp as a rank beginner, and leave as a self sufficient wing foiler, ready to purchase their own gear and take sessions at home.What’s the next step? For more information, to book your accommodations at Watermen’s Retreat, or to book your Zero to Hero Wing Camp, call us at 252-987-6000. We’re so excited about this upcoming event. We hope you can join us!


Armstrong Gear Demo : July 12th, 13th, 14th 10am-3pm.
Armstrong Tech Talk : July 13th 6pm
Zero to Hero Wing Camp: July 12th, 13th, 14th

List of Available Gear: 

        Tail Wings


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