World Kite Park Tour with Eric Rienstra

REAL teamrider Eric Rienstra has been touring the world progressing park style kiting for the past several years. Lucky for us he brought his GoPro along for the ride! Sit back and get impressed, mesmerized, and maybe confused by the level of technicality and style Rienstra brings to the table…

Cape Hatteras: “The REAL Watersports Kite Park in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina is the most state of the art park with 4 100% HDP Jibstruction features and the John Wayne A Frame, the largest kiteboarding slider at 80 ft long!  Located in the ideallic flat water of the REAL Slick just a few tacks south of Waterman’s Retreat, it hosts the longest running and most prestigious Kiteboard Park event in the World, the Wind Voyager Triple S.” –Eric Rienstra

URLA: “The URLA Surf House Kite Park in Urla, Turkey is a sweet place to session consisting of 4 hand-me-downs features from Hypnotics Cable Park: a kicker, big box, incline, and a flat box with a kick. The park is right out the front door of the hostel and hosts the annual Kick and Slide event, the only kite event in Turkey.” – Eric Rienstra

Hood River: Hood River is truly a town built around wind sports. It hosts the most kite events of any other city and is also one of the only places that you will still find a progressive windsurfing community. The Slider Project Kite Park at The Spit is set up and open to the public all summer long.” -Eric Rienstra

Rhosneigr: “Rhosneigr Beach is a small village on the island of Anglesey in North Wales, UK. The tidal changes make for a variety of riding conditions ranging from flat water to overhead waves. The Rhosneigr Kite Park lies protected by massive rocks that stick out from the south end of the village and consists of 3 features: an incline rail, transfer box, and kicker. This year it’s annual park event, the Rhosneigr Park Jam, was selected as the final stop of the Kite Park League World Tour and will likely only continue to grow.” -Eric Rienstra

When you log as many sessions as Eric Rienstra you have to be able to trust your gear to withstand abuse and perform at the highest level. Check out the CORE gear Rienstra travels with and put to the test this year.

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Eric Rienstra is sponsored by REAL Watersports, CORE Kiteboarding, and Dakine.

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