REAL unveils wing instructional program for 2020

What happens when you match the lift of a hydrofoil, with the inflatable wing technology of kiteboarding? You get a new sport that doesn’t even have an agreed upon name. From the beginning, we’ve just been called it #WingyThingy, but many also call it Wing Surfing or Wing Foiling.

The benefits of “winging” are:
  2. It’s easy and safe to learn.
  3. The gear is super small and easy to travel with.
  4. You can add a wing to your existing foilboard, SUP board, longboard surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, skis, and even your hockey skates, and dramatically increase their range of use.

REAL has developed a comprehensive instructional program to teach wing surfing and wing foiling to students of all abilities. These lessons and camps are structured in a similar manner to all of REAL’s world-renowned instructional programs, making the sport easy, safe and fast to learn.

The following instructional programs are now available:
  1. Private Lessons
  2. Semi-Private Lessons
  3. Wing Camps

For more information, or to book your wing instruction, click HERE, call us at 252-987-6000 or email us at .

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