Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational surpasses $140,323 in donations to HIYEF

REAL Watersports and the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational surpass $140,323 in donations to Hatteras Island Youth Education Fund

Waves, North Carolina, December 3, 2019 Today at 1 pm, REAL Watersports CoFounder Trip Forman presented the Hatteras Island Youth Education Fund Board of Directors with a check for the money raised during the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. This year’s HIYEF donation was given in recognition of Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy, a tireless community advocate. REAL chose to make this year’s donation to honor Ms. Goodloe-Murphy as a tribute to her many contributions for the children of Hatteras Island.

“We’re excited to recognize Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy with this year’s Wind Voyager Triple-S donation to HIYEF. Mary Helen’s efforts and contributions to the children of our community are endless. Our sidewalks, Hotline, youth events at the Rodanthe Waves Salvo Community Building and reporting for the Coastland Times on literally every sporting and scholastic event on the island are just a few notable contributions that make a significant daily impact on the children of Hatteras Island.

Mary Helen came to us with her vision of the sidewalks years before the county broke ground. Her vision was clear. The benefits it would bring to our community were clear. Her commitment to the project was steadfast to completion. Now we’re living in Mary Helen’s vision and everything she said would come true did! That’s how she accomplishes the unbelievable things she does and we’re proud to call her our neighbor, our friend, and a role model for the citizens of Hatteras Island.” – Trip Forman, Co-Founder, REAL Watersports and Wind Voyager Triple-S

The Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational was held June 1-7, 2019.This year is the fourth year HIYEF has been the recipient of the fundraising efforts of the #windvoyagertriples. This year’s donation was $27,160.45.

This year the organizers of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational were able to secure internationally acclaimed musical talent throughout the week. The fundraising events featured music by Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, a charity fashion show featuring Hatteras Island youth and a live auction of products donated by top kiteboarding and surf brands, and the grand finale with The Dubplates of Charleston, South Carolina, Future Fambo, DJ Qbert, and The Roots.

HIYEF Programs

“With the donations from the Wind Voyager Triple-S, HIYEF awarded grants for programs that are new to the school including the CHSS Reduce, Reuse, Hydrate Project, the CHES Wetlands Walk & Beach Exploration Field Trip and field trips to Raleigh and Washington, DC. This funding opened up opportunities that were not available to the children of Hatteras Island. HIYEF is truly a great organization to support.” – Natalie McIntosh, Director of Operations, REAL Watersports
“It’s great to take the international exposure and the excitement of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational and redirect the spotlight on the youth of Hatteras Island. Our hashtag for the last four years has been #ItsForTheKids. It’s great to see this hashtag growing legs and being used throughout the community.” – Trip Forman, Co-Founder, REAL Watersports and Wind Voyager Triple-S

The Hatteras Island Youth Education Fund (HIYEF) supports the educational needs of elementary and secondary school students on Hatteras Island by providing funding for equipment, materials and experiences that would otherwise not be available to these students through public funding. Teachers have an opportunity twice a year to submit their applications for funding. The Board of Directors consists of community members who volunteer their time to review grant applications and support annual HIYEF fundraising events established to keep the fund sustainable.

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