Why surfers should learn to Kitesurf

This is the year that WIND will take on a whole new meaning to YOU.

Pro Surfers like Josh Mulcoy, Matt Keenan, Ben Bourgeois and many others already travel with at least one kite in their quiver. Why?! They can use their same surfboard and kitesurf the same waves when it’s blown out in the afternoon.

The REAL Zero to Hero Kite Camp takes all the hassles out of learning to kitesurf. This three-day kitesurfing camp takes place in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Not a bad place to travel to as a surfer, right? With waterfront accommodations, restaurant and live music, when you land at REAL, it’s all right outside your doorstep.

REAL has taught over 37,000 new riders in the past 10 seasons. REAL Camps are ranked among the Top 10 Adventure Camps in the World by Outside Magazine. Our typical surf clients learn to kitesurf very quickly because they are very comfortable in the water and their boardskills are already advanced. Your coaches at REAL already do what you’re looking to do; Surf in the morning and kitesurf in the afternoon. Three days at REAL is all it takes. After Zero to Hero, you have the skills and confidence to leave REAL with a kite of your own.

Watermens Retreat (left), REAL Watersports (right)

This will be the last year you will ever complain about wind…

For more info, or to book your REAL Kite Camp, please call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or International 252-987-6000.

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