What is the Christenson Huntsman?

It is a low railed single fin egg that will surf fast down the line and be perfect for long drawn out turns. It is designed for points and lined up reefs, but will also work well at good point style sandbars.

How should you size The Huntsman?

Order it in the 6'6" - 8'6" range for optimal performance.

Compared to your Christenson Flat Tracker, you should size it 4” - 8" shorter.

Trip's Flat Tracker is a 7’6" and he will be riding a 7’2" Huntsman. Christenson's GM Jon Peck has a 6’10" on order because he wants to go short with it. 

The Flat Tracker vs The Huntsman

The Flat Tracker is a more versatile design that is easier to go vertical to the lip. The Huntsman is faster down the line.

The C-Bucket vs The Huntsman 
The Huntsman is a little more free in the turns and likes to ride the barrel with the surfer a little further forward on the board than the C-Bucket. 


We are now taking custom orders for the Christenson Huntsman. Call (252) 987-6000 or email realpro@realwatersports.com to get yours today!

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