What is the Best Armstrong Foil for Wing Surfing?

The Armstrong line up of foils can be intimidating when you look at it with all the wing, mast and fuselage options. In this video we break down the line up into what is best for beginner, intermediate and advanced wing foilers.

Best Beginner Wing Foils:

No question the CF2400 v2 the easiest foil to learn to wing surf on in the industry. This foil provides a stable platform and great low speed lift. The best thing about the CF2400 v2 compared to other foils this size is that it turns well and has a great speed range. When you get hit by a gust, your speed will slowly increase and keep you in control. The CF2400 v2 is also a light wind weapon, so anyone learning or in light air will want to check this one out first. This foil comes stock with the CF300 v2 for added lift and stability.

If you are a lighter weight rider or learning in a high wind location, you might consider the HS1850  which which has a thinner profile giving you more control in big winds and more chop. The HS1850 comes stock with the HS232 v2 tail wing for faster turning and higher top speeds.


Best Intermediate Wing Foils:

The Armstrong HS1550 v2 is SOOOOOO GOOD for wing foiling! The HS1550 v2 is really the silver bullet in the Armstrong line up for any size rider in most conditions except for the lightest winds and punchy surf. This wing turns great, has a big speed range, has great low speed lift and can glide with the best of them. Every one that rides the HS1550 v2 loves it, and it is a must have in your quiver of foil wings.

 For lighter riders in higher wind or waves you can consider the HS1250.

 Many intermediate riders are adding on the FV200 tail to improve their speed and turning. This tail really helps loosen up the bigger wings in the Armstrong range.

 In more chop and open ocean conditions, the A+ 85cm mast will allow you to keep the wings under the surface of the water and not breach on high speed turns.


Best Advanced Wing Foils:

This is where the Armstrong range starts to get a lot more specific to the conditions that you are winging in. Here is a short run down of considerations.

 You can’t talk about winging with out considering the Armstrong High Aspect line of foils. Their HA foils are some of the easiest to use on the market. With these foils you will get unbeatable upwind and down wind performance, top speeds and ultimate glide. The larger of the HA wings in the line suffer from stiffer turning so many will add on a shorter fuselage like that A+ 50cm and/or a smaller tail like the FV200. The smaller of the HA wings have crisper turns and much higher top speeds but take more wind and skills to get on foil.

 Many riders in higher winds are loving the HS850 and HS1050. These two models give you reduced surface area for less lift and more control in more powerful surf and higher winds. Also for jumping they have thicker chord to give you more cushion to soften the landings.

If you want to find out what Armstrong Foil will be right for your wing surfing needs, contact a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at REALpro@realwatersports.com.

For more information on different mast length check out this video below.


For more information on fuselage lengths check out this video below.

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